I. Course Information

Intelligence and proficient cognition will merely take you so far in your work and private lives. My end is to present you to behavior in organisation ( and of organisations ) in a manner that stresses you personal behavioural accomplishment development. In other words. the class should assist you measure your strengths and failings and will emphasize how you can heighten and better your direction accomplishments. To that terminal. the class stresses a mix of appraisal trials for each chapter to give you a personal point of going for larning and skill development. along with basic theory and instances and function dramas to analyze illustrations of state of affairss and accomplishments that we are analyzing. This is a hands-on class. I expect pupils to come to category prepared to larn and to take part!

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Course Aims:

1 ) To supply pupils with cognition and apprehension of the basic rules of organisational behaviour ( i. e. human behaviour in organisations ) .

2 ) The class includes both theoretical and practical facets of OB and is designed to offer introductory cognition. accomplishments. and positions in OB that can be utile for students’ professional and academic callings.

II. Course Learning Results:

On completion of this class. pupils should be able to:

1. Understand the basic rules of organisational behaviour ( i. e. human behaviour in organisations ) . 2. Be equipped with introductory cognition. accomplishments. and positions in OB that can be utile for students’ professional and academic callings.

Teaching and Learning Activities:

1. Lecture 2. In category exercisings. little group treatment 3. Team Presentations 4. Final Examination

III. Appraisal

In add-on to attending and battle in schoolroom treatment. all points discussed in category including all stuffs assigned as ‘Required’ reading may be used to measure students’ advancement in the category. The methods of appraisal include the followers:

Personal Journal

A skills-based OB class centres upon helping you to measure your strengths and failings. developing a acquisition program to right these and regular contemplation about how you can use the accomplishments and constructs learned outside the schoolroom. Keeping a diary is the best manner to ease this. To guarantee you acquire off to a timely start. I shall inquire for some specific assignments that constitute portion of the diary to be handed in for recognition. Examples include the self- appraisal of strengths and failings based upon the on-line appraisal ( category 2 ) . and other single exercisings in the text edition. You can carry through the first assignment online at hypertext transfer protocol: //www. passovoy. com/assessment/sal/quick. hypertext markup language. You are required to finish a lower limit of 8 appraisals. In some instances. you will be surprised by what you learn about yourself – both positive and negative. Each pupil is required to compose a maximal two-page single-spaced typed write-up sing what you learned about yourself.

Final Exam

A written in-class test will be given on May 14. 2012. The format of the test is a combination of multiple-choice and/true-false inquiries. and are based on talk and text stuffs. Many inquiries are applied and necessitate you to analyse and synthesise OB constructs. Please fix early for the tests and come to category with any inquiries or concerns you may hold prior to the test day of the month. Do non experience uncomfortable inquiring inquiries. Other pupils will besides profit from the treatment.

Top Five Take-Aways

This assignment provides a concluding chance for you to synthesise and portion your larning with the category. Reflect on your acquisition in this category and compose up a list of your “Top Five Take-Aways” from the class. Explain why you chose each construct. how you have utilized it in your ain life. and how you think it will assist you in your future function as a leader. There is no set length of the paper. That depends on your acquisition. You are required to turn in a difficult transcript. Single-spacing. please. Obviously you will non be graded on whether your pick of a learning point is valid or non. Your acquisition is your larning. Your class will be based on how good you explain that concept’s application to your life. Your presentation in category will be reasonably informal. Each member of the category will hold about a minute or so to portion a point or two about your most of import acquisition from the class. It is merely an chance to reflect on your larning with your equals. Sometimes hearing what is of import to other people can besides lend to your ain acquisition.

Group Project

Learning to work efficaciously in groups is a critical work accomplishment. On twenty-four hours one. you will be asked to organize groups ( concluding rank to be handed into me by the 3rd meeting. With your group. you will hold two assignments. The first is to develop a squad larning notebook. entering squad responses to instance treatment inquiries throughout the semester. The squad larning notebook will be collected during the mid-point of the class ( 6th hebdomad ) . every bit good as the terminal of the class ( 12th hebdomad ) . The 2nd assignment is to carry on a 20 proceedingss presentation on a subject of your pick related to the subject on the twenty-four hours selected by your group. Further information will be given in category and mark up is on a first-come first –serve footing.

If any group member expresses displeasure with group procedure and parts of others shall used a peer rating signifier. Each individual’s part will be identified on the equal rating signifier I will supply and that will be confidential ( i. e. . your group members will non see your rating of their engagement ) . All group members should take part every bit to obtain full recognition for the assignment. For illustration. if the assignment receives a class of 8. 5 out of 10 and your group gives you 100 % engagement rate. so you will have the entire 8. 5 points. If your group gives you less than 100 % engagement. your class will be adjusted consequently. Evaluation of your equals should assist you keep an appropriate degree of engagement from all of your group members.

IV. Course Policies

Academic Dishonesty: Assignments found to hold been plagiarized or an test in which cheating is found to hold occurred will have a class of ‘zero’ .

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