A human service professional. plays a major function in society. working side-by-side with assorted professionals. and assumes a broad scope of functions to help persons. groups. organisations and communities. Although human service professionals do non needfully make in deepness and psychotherapeutics. they are well-equipped to ease client alteration and growing typically by working straight or indirectly with clients around concrete undertakings. aims. and ends. A counsellor. agent. advocator. instance director. community contriver and behaviour specializers are merely few of the functions of a human service professional. ( Lincoln University )

Personal values. beliefs. biass and stereotypes can assist the assisting procedure when the client and the human service professional portion the same thought or belief. The human service professional may be able to add to what the client feels or knows or edify the client in a positive manner because of their personal cognition or experience. On the other manus it could harm the assisting procedure if beliefs are different. In this instance survey if the human service professional has any negative feelings about homosexualism. so Todd and Reggie may non have the full aid they are in hunt of. Although the focal point is on acquiring themselves together. they came in as a twosome with some relationship issues that they need to work on.

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If I were the human service professional on this instance. I would be a small uncomfortable with the whole state of affairs. Not merely are they homosexual work forces but this is an interracial relationship. I personally do non to the full agree with black and whites dating. although I am non racist. I besides know that morally it is incorrect to be in a same sex relationship but I do hold a few familiarities that are homosexual. After the initial negative ideas have run through my head I will be able to force that aside and acquire down to concern. Honestly my biggest concern would be how they are treated by friends and household because those are the people who are most of import and it seems as though those people are non at that place for Todd or Reggie.

Given the state of affairs that I’m the human service professional for Todd and Reggie I would inquire Todd to state me about his ego. since he is more unfastened than Reggie. Geting to cognize more about Todd is of import because it gives me a expression inside his life every bit far as where he came from to how he got to this point. I want to cognize about his relationship with his ma and why he feels she is emotionally opprobrious to him. This of import because it “drives him to drink” and is one of the issues he is presently covering with including substance maltreatment of cocaine. I would inquire him how his Sessionss go with his head-shrinker and possibly acquire contact info to talk with the head-shrinker about Todd’s bipolar upset. This is critical to cognize because he made need extra aid commanding his disease.

As for Reggie I would besides inquire him to state me about his ego. How he ended up in gaol to the point where he is now. gives me a expression into his life. It besides helps me calculate out what needs to be avoided to maintain him in good footings with his parole officer. I besides want to cognize why his estranged sisters will non talk to him. This is of import because Reggie needs closing. If non talk to him for anything else. at least portion with him the memory of his mother’s last yearss. I want to speak about his advancement in the “STARS” plan. Since he has non found a occupation yet. that may be something I need to help him with. We besides need to discourse why he has been violent toward Todd.

For him to come with his spouse to this meeting means he cares for Todd and wants aid. so understanding their relationship will be helpful in assisting them maintain one. Finally we should speak about why Reggie is uncomfortable with Todd’s behaviour in public. This is of import because he may be holding issues coming to footings with his gender and if so. I need to assist him get the better of this feeling. Together I want to inquire them about their relationship and what they want to come out of it. This is of import because if they want to remain together as stated. both parties must be on the same page. Todd may hold to suit to Reggie by chanting down his behaviour in public while Reggie will hold to see substance maltreatment guidance.

Potential ethical issues with this instance is the gender of the clients but Human service professionals provide services without favoritism or penchant based on age. ethnicity. civilization. race. disablement. gender. faith. sexual orientation or socioeconomic position. Besides obtaining or sharing information with Todd’s psychiatrist Human service professionals protect the unity. safety. and security of client records. All written client information that is shared with other professionals. except in the class of professional supervising. must hold the client’s prior written consent. A legal issue is the fact that Reggie is physical with Todd and although it was the past. if it happened once more I must maintain in head If it is suspected that danger or injury may happen to the client or to others as a consequence of a client’s behaviour. the human service professional Acts of the Apostless in an appropriate and professional mode to protect the safety of those persons.

This may affect seeking audience. supervising. and/or interrupting the confidentiality of the relationship. Besides Reggie fumes marihuana which is non good for urine trials with his parole officer along with Todd’s cocaine usage. Human service professionals protect the client’s right to privateness and confidentiality except when such confidentiality would do injury to the client or others. when bureau guidelines province otherwise. or under other stated conditions ( e. g. . local. province. or federal Torahs ) . Professionals inform clients of the bounds of confidentiality prior to the oncoming of the assisting relationship. ( NOHS. 2009 )

For Todd and Reggie I would urge that they go to rehab because they both have dependences that need to be dealt with in order to travel frontward in the relationship and merely life in general.

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