Odysseus. the strong. brave. dedicated hero. travelled for stat mis on terminal to return to his place land of Ithica and to convey with him the 12 fleet ships transporting his loyal comrades. However throughout this heroic poem verse form Odysseus’ comrades have been the carriers of much heartache for Odysseus. in many ways from oppugning his leading to merely deceasing in conflict. And easy during this heroic poem each of his 12 fleet ships has been struck down.

The narratives of Odysseus’ comrades begin from the really gap of book nine. on the seashore of Ismarus place to the Cicones. Odysseus and his work forces “sacked the topographic point and destroyed its work forces folk” after taking their adult females and their huge spoils. Odysseus warned his work forces to despatch with hastiness. But they were non speedy minded plenty. and a enormous conflict broke out between Odysseus and his work forces and the Cicones. Seventy two of Odysseus’ work forces were viciously killed. We can see here that this would do much heartache for Odysseus and his staying comrades. for his work forces had made it through the conflict of Troy and where joying to be returning place to Ithica. now he would hold to return to sorrowing households expecting their heroes return and for some. now their hero’s would ne’er return. This is a authoritative illustration of the sort of heartache Odysseus feels throughout the heroic poem verse form. because this is how many of his comrades have presented Odysseus with heartache. through decease.

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Whether it was falling in conflict or devoured by a monstrous animal. For case when. Odysseus and his staying comrades sailed to the island of the Cyclopes. where with 12 comrades. he entered the cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus. This elephantine devoured. one after another. six of the comrades of Odysseus. and kept Odysseus and his other work forces as captives in his cave. Witnessing their loyal companion’s cannibalistic slayings right in forepart of them Odysseus and his work forces “wept and raised their custodies to Zeus in horror. ” This once more must hold made Odysseus overridden with heartache for non merely did he watch his work forces be killed but he was the 1 that led them to this fierce one eyed monster. Again he has lost more of his work forces which means more bereaved households ; at place in Ithica oppugning the Gods for the decease of their loved 1s.

However. decease is non the lone manner that Odysseus is exposed to grief some of the monsters that Odysseus and his followings encountered would non kill his work forces but merely do them bury all yearning for place. and the nostros that they were experiencing. One of these monsters would be the Lotus-eaters. “a race that eat the flowery Nelumbo nucifera fruit. ” Some of his comrades were so much delighted with the gustatory sensation of this flower that they wanted to stay with the Lotus-eaters and believe no more of Ithica.

This must hold caused much torment for Odysseus as he did non cognize how to assist his compelled companions. But being the intelligent and strong hero he is he “used force to convey them back to the hollow ships. and they wept on the way” but one time on board he tied them up and continued with his ocean trip. The Sirens besides allow work forces to bury their place for with their beautiful voices would sing capturing vocals to drive these work forces to their decease. Fortunately with the aid of Circe the sorceress who told Odysseus that if he wanted to hear the Sirens vocal and live that he should let his work forces to bind him to the mast of his ship while they covered their ears with softened bees wax and steer the boat forth while Odysseus listened.

Odysseus. in the heroic poem verse form has besides encountered Companions that have questioned and mistrusted his leading ; this is that of Odysseus’ 2nd in bid of Odysseus’ ship during the ocean trip back to Ithica after the Trojan War his name was Eurylochus. In the Odyssey he is portrayed as an unpleasant. cowardly single who undermines Odysseus and stirs up problem. When Odysseus and his work forces arrive on the island of Aeaea place to Circe Eurylochus is chosen to take a group of 22 work forces to research the island. While touring the island they see Circe’s house and all but Eurylochus enters. he himself suspects Circe’s trap and when the work forces are turned into hogs he runs back to warn Odysseus.

Odysseus prepares himself to face this enchantress and salvage his crew nevertheless Eurylochus refuses to steer him to Circe’s castle and impulses Odysseus to get away and go forth the work forces to their destiny. This must hold caused an uncountable sum of heartache and hurting for Odysseus for Eurylochus was his 2nd in bid. Odysseus hence must hold trusted this adult male with his life and thought instead extremely of him. Then for him to state him to abandon his loyal comrades who have been there for him since Troy and salvage himself must hold hurt Odysseus a great trade. After Odysseus returns from Circe’s castle holding rescued his comrades. Eurylochus insults Odysseus and threatens to kill him. Here we see Odysseus being befriended and about killed by his 2nd in bid evidently doing much heartache for our brave hero.

Overall I feel that the comrades are the beginning of much heartache for our fearless hero. However most of them did non wish to convey heartache upon their leader. For most it was merely an unfortunate decease taking to Odysseus sorrowing for the loss of them.

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