The early Greeks known as Mycenaean were a supposed rich civilization during the 2nd millenary B.C.E. There were no literary texts from this period until sometime in the 8th century B.C.E. Even still, this ancient civilization has left its forever feeling on our society today with its cultural traits. Cultural traits such as their political relations, their faith, their architecture, and their finds in mathematics and scientific discipline have left a permanent feeling throughout the universe, particularly in our civilization today.

The cultural trait of political relations was chiefly contributed by the Athenians of Greece. They had many great bookmans and philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle and many others that helped in the promotion of their civilizations believing ; and besides helped in the formation of their authorities. Of all the gifts that Grecian civilization passed down to us, none was more important than their democratic signifier of authorities. After Athens revolted and overthrew their oppressive male monarch they were able instill a democracy type authorities. They split Attica into big parts ( trittys ) and so into even smaller parts inside of those parts ( demes ) . Demes were slightly independent units with their ain local authoritiess or functionaries. This is evidently still apparent in our civilization today. Our state is separated into provinces with governors and provinces are separated into metropoliss with city managers, etc. The authorities of antediluvian Athens besides, similar to our civilization today, concerned itself with many facets of the lives of its citizens. The authorities was non merely of the people and for the people but besides by the people. And this is song true in our civilization and state today, as said by Abraham Lincoln himself. The Athenians besides had a process they would ordain if any one individual became excessively powerful and seemed to be a menace to get down a dictatorship. This process was called banishment. The banishment process is simple ; it consists of a ballot of the people if they felt if any one individual or individuals were going excessively powerful. If the bulk voted yes to this so they would hold a 2nd ballot and the adult male ‘s name with the most ballots was to be ostracized. The individual who was voted to be ostracized so was exiled and could ne’er return. This is besides present in our civilization to some grade. For illustration, the people have the power to impeach a president if they believe he is n’t fit to take or has done incorrectly. This is really similar to the act of banishment except we do non expatriate them out of the state. Besides, the fact of that the people had a voice and were allowed to vote is besides an illustration of how they affected our civilization today. Today we are able to vote for or against about anything, a trait that we inherited from the Greeks.

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Another of import cultural trait of the Greeks was their spiritual beliefs and instructions of morality. The Greek ‘s idea and doctrine were political orientations of religion, life and the hereafter. And that we as human existences must populate a good life in order that our psyche is sent to fall in with the Gods in Eden ; and to hold a better life in the hereafter. And that the incorrect actors will endure for their actions in Hades. Some people can reason that our civilization ‘s faith is non founded in Christianity, but alternatively in Grecian idea. Thus, Greek faith and doctrine have influenced our civilization ‘s faith in such a manner that our civilization ‘s faith where if your good so good will come to you, and if you do incorrect so wrong will come to you. Grecian faith has influenced our civilization ‘s faith in some people perchance, but it is all really arguable. An illustration of this in Grecian literature can be seen in the drama Oedipus the King. In this drama, finally Oedipus had a pick whether to kill a adult male at a hamlets and he did. Murder is incorrect and by the terminal of the drama Oedipus lost everything. He found out he had killed his ain male parent, slept with his female parent, and even gauged out his ain eyes to penalize himself. This is all symbolism of him being punished for his homicidal Acts of the Apostless and this is the type of life those people will populate.

A 3rd Grecian cultural trait that left its feeling on our civilization today is their architecture. Grecian civilization affects our civilization today in many ways. Some of the architectural designs used 1000s of old ages ago are still normally used in many of import and celebrated American edifices today such as the Lincoln Memorial and the White House. They use the antediluvian Greek column structures all across the edifice. In fact, Grecian architecture is historical in the United States. There was even a clip period in the United States known as the Greek Revival, which occurred during the late 18th and early 19th centuries and was a clip where much Grecian civilization and architecture was introduce into the United States.

Yet another cultural trait of the Greeks seen still in American civilization is their finds in scientific discipline and mathematics. The following are all illustrations of finds that all are still used today in our civilization. The Hippocratic Oath, which physicians still use today, was created by a adult male named Hippocrates. Pythagoras, a Grecian mathematician, discovered the Pythagorean Theorem, still stalking pupils today. Archimedes was the first individual to cipher the value of Pi and besides discovered the jurisprudence of perkiness. Aristotle discovered certain points in natural philosophies such as the five elements and gesture, and certain points doctrine such as spontaneousness.

Clearly, the Greeks were a really influential and outstanding civilization in history and have affected future people and civilizations with their traits. They have accomplished so much and have allowed other civilizations to follow their lead to besides be successful with their cultural traits. Traits such as their political relations, their faith, their architecture, and their finds in mathematics and scientific discipline will go on to act upon our civilization and many others.

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