Attitude is a mental place relation to a manner of thought or being ; a tilting toward that which you believe ( Purkey, 1988 ) . A positive attitude is the disposition to by and large be in an optimistic province of head. Positive attitude, positive thought, and optimism are all features that will do a leaders life more positive and increase their self worth. A leader will most probably be more successful when utilizing all of these features to their full potency.

A positive head set gives the leader the aspiration and thrust to carry through the ends your organisation as given you. Everyone has ends. Some may be bigger and more advanced than others but every leader has a end. To carry through these ends, a leader must “ concentrate on seting their life out at that place and put on the lining it for success ” ( Campbell & A ; Martinez-Perez, 1977, pp. 455-459 ) .

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To hold a positive manner of believing you must hold healthy self-pride or ego assurance. “ The self-pride is the portion of you self-concept that determines your self-worth ” ( Campbell & A ; Martinez-Perez, 1977, pp. 455-459 ) . Websters dictionary define self-pride as “ a assurance and satisfaction in oneself ” ( “ Self-esteem, ” 2010 ) . Many leaders have low self-prides due to many grounds. Some leaders compare themselves to other leaders. You can non compare yourself to another leader because their motivations and nonsubjective are normally different than your ain. Some leaders allow the people who surround them act upon their thoughts. For illustration, if you are developing a new construct for a company. However, your squad couples do non like the construct or thought you likely will give in due to peer force per unit area. You have allowed others to act upon your determination. This is neither good nor bad, merely depending on the state of affairs. When you receive support and encouragement from important people than that is when you start to appreciate yourself ( Campbell & A ; Martinez-Perez, 1977, pp. 455-459 ) . You may be believing “ no 1 of all time appreciates you, ” nevertheless, may be you should be the first to complement others. You are the leader, so lead.

The writer believes everyone is created for a particular ground. We all have different endowments and a manner of thought. You besides have the pick on who you hang out with every bit good as who influences you. Not hanging around people who have bad influences in your life will probably be the first measure to holding a better mentality on life. You are more likely to win in a leading place if you surround yourself with supportive people ( Campbell & A ; Martinez-Perez, 1977, pp. 455-459 ) .

The writer believes there are two types of self-pride. You have positive self-esteem and negative self-pride. Positive self-pride is holding an ‘I can carry through this undertaking. ‘ Positive self-esteem people are normally fun to be about because they have a ‘cup half full ‘ mentality on life. A negative self-esteem individual has a “ cup half empty ‘ mentality on life. They are ever down and can even hold a negative influence on the people they surround themselves with.

Negative self-pride can stem from the household life. Leaderships who were bullied or teased on at school can travel through life believing the things they were told. A good leader should ne’er compare themselves to another leader whose aims, moralss, and motivations are different than themselves. Comparing yourself is non ever negative. It can be positive. Comparing can give you a thrust to finish an aim when used in the right manner. Always holding a positive attitude can do the difference between failure and success ( “ Positive attitude, ” 2008 ) . The best advice the writer can give is merely learn to travel on. Forgiveness goes a long manner.

The manner you view yourself will be difference than how other people view you. You are a leader, there to carry through a end ( “ Positive attitude, ” 2008 ) . Not everyone is traveling to hold with you. Your research section may see you as a quiet and laid back leader. But your squad mates you see every twenty-four hours may see you as wellbeing, positive, and encouraging leader. Some squad couples may believe they are giving feedback but they are really knocking you, which is ne’er healthy. Just maintain actuating yourself and “ work hard to work frontward ” ( “ Positive attitude, ” 2008 ) .

Having a positive self-pride and attitude have many benefits including:

-Helps achieve ends

-Gives you more felicity

-Gives you more energy

-You can animate and actuate yourself and others

-You can get the better of many obstructions

-People regard you

Some measure to develop a more positive attitude and self-concept are:

Consciously attempt to hold and keep a positive, optimistic attitude.

If you catch yourself being negative correct it and concentrate on the positive.

Recognize that there are few benefits to negativeness.

Keeping a score merely hurts you. Normally the individual you are keeping a score against has forgotten what they did to you. They have continued with their life and so should you. Forgive and bury.

Cultivate optimistic ideas

“ Every clip you think positive ideas, your organic structure, head, and spirit respond ” ( Lussier & A ; Achua, 2007, pp. 50-51 ) . If you ever think positive your life will reflect your thought.

If you catch yourself kicking stop and alteration to a positive attitude

We can ever state when we are being negative. Following clip you catch yourself stop and expression at the positive of the state of affairs

Avoid negative people

Imagine being about negative people all the clip. As the stating goes ‘one rotten apple spoils the basket. Hanging about negative people can really act upon your attitude excessively

Set and achieve ends

“ Set short-run ends that you can accomplish. ” This includes “ day-to-day, hebdomadal, and monthly ends ” ( Lussier & A ; Achua, 2007, pp. 50-51 ) .

Focus on your success

If you achieve two of 10 ends do non brood on the failures but think of the 1s you accomplished

Accept regards

When person compliments you or state you did an first-class occupation state them thank you. Not merely does it construct your self-esteem but it tells them you appreciate them.

Do n’t compare yourself to others

You can non compare yourself to others because they are normally seeking to carry through a different aim

Think for yourself

Make non let others to be your encephalon. You have your ain. You should let others input but non let them to believe for you

Be a positive function theoretical account

If you have a positive attitude most of the members look up to you for counsel and will hold a positive attitude excessively. Lead by illustration.

When things go incorrect do something to assist person who is worse off than you

When you help person who is worse off than you, you realize how better off you are. You besides realize that what you are traveling through is little to other peoples ‘ jobs. It besides give you a sense of thankfulness that you are non in their state of affairs

( Lussier & A ; Achua, 2007, pp. 50-51 )

“ We must develop ourselves to be cognizant at all times of how our head is working, including our ideas, believing forms, and inclinations ” ( Goal, 2006 ) .

A three measure attack to find how your head is believing is:


Bing cognizant of what and how you are believing is really of import. You must develop yourself “ to be cognizant at all clip of how our head is working – the ideas, believing forms, and inclinations ” ( Goel, 2006 ) .


“ Awareness, nevertheless, brings about a heightened sensitiveness to the issues. We tend to go judgmental and critical of ourselves or of others. This has the danger of directing us into a barbarous rhythm of negativeness UNLESS we learn to accept what we see and understand ” ( Goel, 2006 ) .


Once you have accepted what is in your head you can now find how you want to look at that individual state of affairs. Recognize you may non hold a good attitude about person when it comes to work ethic. This is healthy because you have accepted it and establish your determinations on it.

When we are positive, our conversations and ideas become healthier. You will go more productive in all facets of your life. This constitutes a good leader with high self-concept.

Puting everything into position, you are a section caput in a luck 500 company. Your foreman told you to develop a new merchandise that blows the other companies off. First, you must believe you can carry through this end. Second, take a squad that is positive and believes that the section can carry through the end excessively. Now as you are developing your merchandise many trials will non travel a planned but consider it a learning procedure. Throughout the procedure many squad couples may experience they can non carry through the end. It is you occupation to maintain the positive attitude. Promote them and construct their self-concept. If you catch yourself believing negatively you must instantly exchange to a positive head set. When a squad member accomplishes a little end or trial pat them on the dorsum. Besides, compliment yourself because if one squad member accomplishes a end you all do. And retrieve non to allow anyone compare themselves to another member. You will happen as the deadline approaches that you will most likely carry through your end because you kept a positive attitude and believed in yourself and squad.

In decision, a positive head set helps a leader grow. It helps them turn non merely in their professional life but at place excessively. Having a great self-concept will let you to derive new accomplishments and larn from your experiences. A positive head set will learn you to command your emotions and maintain you focused on your ends and aims. Everything starts with baby stairss. Peoples normally do non plunge into the deep terminal without larning to swim foremost. When you grasp being positive and believing in yourself this is when your life will get down to transform, construct your wellness, and have a new thrust for your ends and life. As you become a better individual normally the people around you follow. So non merely are you act uponing yourself but you are holding a permanent impact of your equal, kids, and others. Following all the stairss will assist you win as a leader.

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