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  1. What is the intending Certificate of Completion and Compliance?
  2. How to command of the edifice was done?
  3. What cosmopolitan service proviso system in communicating systems and multimedia?
  4. Who has the power to look into the committee of any mistake?


  1. Certificate of Completion and Compliance are certificate issued by constructing professionals such as registered Professional Architect with LAM, Professional Engineer registered with the LJM and / or registered Building Draughtsmen with LAM as the Principal Submitting Person. Certificate of Completion and Compliance replace toCFO [ Certificate of Fitness for Occupation ] . Act 1984 Uniform Building [ Amendment 2007 ] [ UBBL ] , which is responsible for supervising the building of the edifice procedure, to corroborate that the edifice has been completed is safe and fit for business for which building is in full conformity with the commissariats of the jurisprudence, approved edifice program and besides the conditions laid down by the PBT degree blessings.
  1. Certificate of Fitness for Occupation ( CFO ) to assist in finding the features of a edifice needs in footings of safety, convenience and so on. the purpose is for the building of a control and run into the demands and ordinances set by the local governments to promote the building of an uncontrolled and insecure.
  1. In Section 202, the cosmopolitan service proviso system in communicating systems and multimedia Minister can direct the Commission to finding a system to advance widespread usage of web services atau112 Laws of Malaysia Act 588 applications services throughout Malaysia by promoting installing of web installations and proviso of services webs or services in the countries of application underserved countries or for underserved groups within the community. The Minister may do ordinances under subdivision 16 for the execution of this system.
  1. The Commission shall hold the power to look into the committee of any offense under this Act or any ordinances made under. The Commission may, in relation to any probe in regard of any discourtesy committed in under this Act or any ordinances made under it, exercise the particular powers in relation to patrol probe except that the power to collar without warrant given by the Criminal Procedure Code [ Act 593 ] for any mistake can capture non be exercised by the Commission.


For as an overview of the current statute laws regulating edifice and building industry in Malayan, it is be a comprehensive discourse on all the Torahs refering belongings development and building. The specific reappraisal on the Uniform Building By-Laws, 1984 / Amendments 2007 that had undergone important amendments, every bit good as touching on the chief Act 133 – Street, Drainage & A ; Building Act, 1974 / Act A1286 – Amendment 2007, in visible radiation of the execution of the Certificate of Completion and Compliance ( CCC ) .

To understand the extent of the arm of the jurisprudence in the edifice and building industry it is best to depict the effects of some of these Acts in a belongings development. The followers is a general thought of the coverage of the assorted Acts in development processs and building procedures.

None of the participant in the industry, whether belongings developers, edifice contractors or building professionals such as designers, applied scientists, surveyors and town contrivers, can work without being governed or at least taking consider of or doing mentions to the Acts and Regulations.


  1. Water

Water Services Industry Act 2006 [ Act 655 ] has been implemented on 1 January 2008 and has been in consequence for more than 5 old ages. This period enforcement of Act 655 has shown failings in proviso bing footings of the execution and enforcement of which are caused by jobs are less clear reading, execution / enforcement and alteration policy.

  1. Amendment of Section 177 – Direction by the Commission.

SPAN produced guidelines to be followed in the industry H2O supply and sewage services. To guarantee that these guidelines are followed, the amendments suggested for provide punishments for any failure to follow with these guidelines.

  1. Amendment Of Section 144 – Care, Repair And Improvements


This amendment seeks to enable the execution of exigency work the public sewage system or public H2O supply system that is on private land or premises without the demand to give notice to the proprietor, resident or land direction bureau or premises. Work exigency should be done rapidly to forestall danger to the populace, or the proprietor, resident or direction organic structure land or premisesas the permission from the proprietor, occupier or direction organic structure can take.

  1. Amendment of subdivision 129 – usage or supply of illegal jurisprudence equipment, devices, stuffs, systems or installations a non-standard

This amendment aims to increase mulcts and gaol footings for any discourtesy committed by any individual who uses or providers who supply the equipment, devices, stuffs, systems or installations associating to H2O supply or sewage system is non as the usage of the criterion may ensue in serious.

Beginning: Law of Water Services Industry ( Amendment ) 2013

  1. Ventilation
    1. Section 39, Light and natural airing

Subsection 1, Every room designed, matched or used for residential intents, concern or other, except infirmaries and schools should be equipped with a lighting natural and natural airing through one or more Windowss that have a entire country of non less than 10 % of the floor country of the room and was relieved to be hold unfastened infinite that could let the transition of air freely and undisturbed non less than 5 % of the floor country of legal.

Subsection 2, Every room used to set patients in a infirmary must fit with natural lighting and natural airing through one or more Windowss that have a entire country of non less than 15 % of the floor country of alleviation room and shall hold unfastened infinite that could let transition of air freely and non capable to being non less than 7 ? % of the floor country.

Subsection 3, Every room used for the intent of carry oning categories in a school shall be provided with natural lighting and natural airing through a or more Windowss that have a entire country of non less than 20 % of the floor country of the room and should hold unfastened infinite that could let the transition of air independent and non capable to being non less than 10 % of the floor country.

Subsection 4, Every H2O cupboards, toilets, urinals and bathrooms must be completed with natural lighting and natural airing through one or more unfastened infinite which has a entire country of non less than 0.2 square metres per cupboards, lavatories, urinals and bathrooms and unfastened infinite shall be allowed airway freely and undisturbed.

  1. Section 41, Ventilation or air conditioning mechanical

Subsection 1, If airing or air-conditioning system is proposed lasting mechanical, Law Small in relation to the relevant edifice natural airing, illuming natural and high suites can be waived at the discretion of local governments

Subsection 2, Any application to put aside the By-Laws may merely be relevant considered if other than the air conditioning system ageless is provided ways other approved airing for the house which is air enclosure, so that in half an hr from the air conditioning system harm, clean air non less than the specified figure as stated in the enclosure during the air conditioning system is non running.

Subsection 3, The commissariats of the Third Schedule to these Bye-Laws shall use to edifices Replaced the air or reconditioning air automatically.

Subsection 4, Where lasting mechanical airing with regard to the lavatory, cupboards, suites bathroom or corridor held and maintained in conformity with the demands of the Third Schedule of the Law This little, the commissariats of these Bye-Laws relating to natural airing and natural lighting does non use to the lavatory, cupboards, suites bathroom or corridor.

Resource: AKTA JALAN, PARIT DAN BANGUNAN [ AKTA 133 ] Sel. P.U. 26/1985 UNDANG-UNDANG KECIL BANGUNAN SERAGAM SELANGOR 1986 [ mengandungi pindaan terkini – Sel. P.U. 142/2012 ]

  1. Air Conditioning
    1. subdivision 160 Are Actions To Prevent Fire In Air Conditioning Systems.

All air-conditioning canal, including the frame, except those channels in separate and dual residential edifice shall be constructed wholly from nonburn stuffs and should be plenty supported along its length.

Nothing can perforate the air conditioning canal fire wall unless as provided in the by-laws 148 and 156. The inclusion of an air conditioning equipment must be located so that no air can be go around once more from any country where a batch of flammable bluess or dust polluted issued and shall be placed in such a manner so as to minimise backdown enter any substance a may Burnss.

  1. Fire

An Act to do commissariats necessitate for the Fire and Rescue Department to work efficaciously and expeditiously, to protect people and belongings from fire and for intents connected therewith.

  1. By-Laws 139 are Separation of Area the Risk Of Fire.

Area flammable points should be removed and he was placed with fire defying building of a construction that has a degree-based TKA fire:

  1. The boiler room and fuel storage country relate.
  2. Dobby
  3. Repairs affecting danger procedures and stuffs.
  4. A batch of material storage country characterized unsafe.
  5. The country storage of liquefied crude oil gas.
  6. The room linen.
  7. The room and substation transformers ; and
  8. Shop flammable liquids.
  1. By-Laws 153Smoke sensors for lift anteroom.

All lift anterooms must be completed by fume sensors. If the lifts are non unfastened to a gas chamber, it can non utilize a tool to open the door controlled by a beam of light or photo-detectors unless combined with its shutting force that causes the door was closed the first clip after 30 seconds of any break in the transmittal.

  1. By-Law 224 is the fire opposition of any structural component.

An component of the construction shall be deemed to hold a fire opposition is required if the built harmonizing to the specifications given in the Ninth Schedule Laws within assumes of fire opposition given in Table as other relevant factors are non less than the needed fire opposition and trial conditions specified in the By-Laws of old.

Beginning: The Road, Drainage And Building 1974, By-Laws Of Buildings, ( Federal Territory Of Kuala Lumpur ) 1985, Part Vii, The Requirements Against Fire

  1. Electric

An Act to supply for the ordinance of the industry the electricity supply, electricity supply at monetary values sensible, licensing of any electrical installing, command any installing, works and equipment in regard with affairs related to safety of individuals and efficient usage of electricity and for intents connected therewith.

Resource: 1 September 1990, P.U. ( B ) 494/1990

  1. Section 9, License is required for usage of installings: the footings, conditions and content licences

Whenever can keep, fix or upgrade any accredited installing or any portion of it, licensee, or any individual authorized by him may come in any land above, below or provide lines have been laid, placed or carried, or on top of hemorrhoids or other equipment has been established, and can transport out all fixs in the tally, fell or discerp trees, take flora and do all other things that cause as small harm as possible to pay full compensation in conformity with subdivision 16 to all individuals interested for any possible harm caused by it and compensation has non been assessed under subdivision 11.

  1. Section 23, Persons in charge competent control

Subsection 1, No installing or works or other electrical equipment owned or managed by the supply authorization can worked or operated except under control people who have makings and holds nil certification as prescribed, and no individual who do non hold the makings or keep a certification as aforementioned shall maintain any installing or can command the operation of any works or electrical equipment.

Subsection 2, Any individual who violates this subdivision is an discourtesy and can be fined non more than ten 1000 ringgit and, if the misdemeanor was continued, to a all right non more than one 1000 ringgit for every twenty-four hours or portion of a twenty-four hours during the violation continued after strong belief.

  1. Section 23b,Installation to run into demands

No individual shall utilize or run any installing unless the installing meets such demands as may be prescribed in regard of the efficient usage of electricity.

  1. Section 23c, Equipment to run into demands

No individual shall fabricate, import, sell or offer for sale or rent any equipment unless the equipment meets such demands as may be prescribed in regard of the efficient usage of electricity.

Resource: Laws Of Malaysia, Act 447, Electricity Supply, Act 1990 Incorporating all amendments up to 1 January 2006

  1. Telecommunication

An Act to supply for modulate the convergence communications and multimedia industries, and for incidental affairs.

The objects for this Act are to advance national policy aims for the communications and multimedia industry, to set up a licensing and regulative model in support of national policy aims for the communications and multimedia industry, to set up the powers and maps for the Malayan

Communicationss and Multimedia Commissions and besides set up the power and process for the disposal of this Act.

6.1Section 27, Application for an single license

A individual may use, in authorship, to the Commission for an single license in regard of any affair necessitating an single license under this Act. The Minister may put out in the ordinances made under subdivision 16 the individuals or categories of individuals who are non eligible to use for an single license. An application under this subdivision may be withdrawn at any clip before it is granted or refused.

6.2Section 41,Consequence of Suspension, Cancellation, Surrender Or Expiry Of An Individual License

Subsection ( 1 ) If the suspension or cancellation of an single licence under subdivision 37, or the entry of an single licence under subdivision 35, has been enforced, or single licence has expired, the licensee shall instantly halt spring any installations or services related to the single licence was granted.

Subsection ( 2 ) , Notwithstanding subdivision ( 1 ) , the Minister may, on the recommendation of Commission, to authorise the licensee in composing to transport on supplying any installation or service during a period may be specified by the Minister in the mandate for the intent of weaving up the personal businesss of the licensee.

Subsection ( 3 ) , Notwithstanding subdivision ( 1 ) , the licensee single licence has expired is entitled to go on give a installation or service seems single licence has non expired when the grounds submitted to the Commission that the licensee has applied single licence reclamation in conformity with subdivision 34 and applications it is expecting a finding by the Minister.

Subsection ( 4 ) , Capable to subdivision ( 2 ) and ( 3 ) , a individual a contravenes subdivision ( 1 ) commits an discourtesy and shall on strong belief be apt to a all right non transcending five 100 thousand dollars or to imprisonment for a term non transcending five old ages or both.

6.3Section 133, Prohibition behavior in anti-competitive patterns

A licensee shall non do any behavior which has the intent of cut downing competition with ample in a communications market.

  1. Transportation system
    1. Section 151, If infinite is unfastened for the lift is non connected to a protected country, the lift must be completed by air blowholes that are non less than 0:09 square metres for each lift and is located in the upper portion. If it does non come out of the air blowholes direct air to get away, the lift shall be ventilated to the exterior through a channel that has a TKA required for the lift World position.
  1. Section 152, The unfastened infinite in the lift
  1. Every unfastened infinite in an lift or in the lift door opens into a anteroom should be protected unless other suited agencies of protection for the unfastened infinite that satisfy local authorization provided. These demands do non use to open type industrial edifices or other approved particular edifice KPPB
  2. TKA platform doors shall hold non less than half of TKA for the block construction that has a minimal TKA for half an hr.
  3. Nothing can be used for glass door or in the platform except for the sight of a panel which shall be polished with glass sight corded security, and shall be non more than 0.0161 square metres and a entire country of one or more vision panel in a door shelf shall be non more than 0.0156 square metres.
  4. Each panel bright unfastened infinite shall reject a ball with a diameter of 150 millimetres.
  5. Provision should be made to open all doors with the aid of cardinal platforms
  6. exigency regardless of the place of the lift auto.

Resource: AKTA JALAN, PARIT DAN BANGUNAN [ AKTA 133 ] Sel. P.U. 26/1985 UNDANG-UNDANG KECIL BANGUNAN SERAGAM SELANGOR 1986 [ mengandungi pindaan terkini – Sel. P.U. 142/2012 ]

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