Sometimes the leadership became mixed up in lord of the flies and animal farm when the animals or humans were unhappy with the leader or living conditions. When one government is overthrown another one is made. Both books have different things that happen when the population is unhappy. The stories both have decent governments that are replaced by unstable and violent governments. The books both show how animals or people can be tricked to think the new leadership is better than the last one even though it may be worse. The government in both stories started out not that bad but grew to be very violent after time. Because nearly the whole of the produce of our labour is stolen from us by human beings” Orwell 4. All animals want to be fed right and not have all the things they produce taken away so Mr. Jones is said to be the enemy. The animals want to take down the enemy (Mr. Jones) and have themselves become the leaders. In Lord of the Flies Ralph blows the conch and everybody comes running and they have a vote to find out who the leader will be. “Let’s have a vote” Golding 18. When Ralph is elected leader he gives Jack power over his choir group. The choir group is told to keep the fire going but they let I die out.

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People start to not like their jobs and start to go to Jack’s side because it’s more fun. In both books people want change. When the leaders in both books start to kill the traitors, they are still followed because they don’t want to be starved. “Napoleon now called upon them to confess to their crimes” Orwell 56. Th lead pig Napoleon has his group of dogs kill the traitors. The animals are afraid of Napoleon so they don’t question what he says. Napoleon and the other pigs started to change the commandments. The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee; Golding 200. When Jack kills Piggy Ralph becomes very angry and wants revenge.

The current members of the tribe stay with Jack because they are scared that they will get killed if they disobey. People like the new leaders even though they are violent. When the leaders are more violent people start to think if the old one was better. Napoleon starts making up rules and changing commandments to benefit him and not the other animals. “No animal shall kill any other animal without cause” Orwell 60. Napoleon orders his dogs to kill anyone that has ever stolen or disobeyed him. In Lord of the Flies, Jack has piggy killed because he wants his glasses back but he other tribe needs them for fire. Ralph heard the great rock long before he saw it” Golding 200. Jack doesn’t want anyone questioning him, so when people question him he will kill or harm them. Each book has their own perspective on society. Lord of the Flies shows that when children are left alone they don’t want to be doing work. All kids want to do is have fun. In Animal Farm the animals want a better leader so they create a rebellion but in the long run the animals living conditions get worse because the pigs don’t want the other animals to be happy. Change isn’t always for the better.

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