“NONE”, because no historical evidence to prove there were slave trade caused by Caucasians.
Until the late millenium, Euro-Greek mistranslated CUSH as Ethiopians”.
The evidence of terminology caused by mistranslation by Europeans.
Simply todays so called the term “AFRICA” by title.
Yes, everyones in the continents of Ham were once called Ethiopians by Greek, but misunderstands by ethnic terminology.
“Are black African American descendants of slaves considered Nubian?”
The Answer is “NO”, and there is “NONE”, and there is no evidence to back up the historical evidence, term of ethnical terminology, context of languages, and DNA.
Sorry to let’s you know, but there is”None” and No Nubian slavery in European Slave Trade ever caused in history of AFRICA alone.
There is no historical evidence to back up this kinds of context!!!
Again, the best answer to back up is “NO”.

Finish: 4/4/2011 DAVID…

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