Babylon was the first religious/political “governmentsystem of man” reestablished on earth following theflood. It was the core system and pattern from which all theempires that followed it down through the centuries were modeled.

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The Bible reveals “four main world-ruling empires” thatwere to rule over man… until the Kingdom of God comes to removeand replace them at the end of God’s plan. The first wasBabylon, which was followed by thePersian Empire, then the Greco/Macedonian Empire,then the Roman Empire.

The last three empires, each in turn, borrowed from the model ofthe Babylonian “Mystery Religion,” customs and traditions[and from each other]… which in turn developed into the”system of government” that still rules the world, today– a system that is STILL, basically,BABYLON!

That’s the “Babylon of Revelation”… theancient combined systems of the past governments of man thatCONTINUES TO RULE OVER MAN… and shall continue to rule the earthuntil Christ returns.

While this world, blinded and deceived by its god, Satan the Devil,sees the Bible as a “religious book” [andto some as a book of myths and fanciful fables]… the realmessage of the Bible that mankind keeps missing is ofGod’s GOOD NEWS about His COMING KINGDOM!

“…a Child is born to us, a Son is given tous. And THE GOVERNMENT WILL REST ON HISSHOULDERS… His ever-expanding, PEACEFULGOVERNMENT WILL NEVER END…” (Isa.9:6-7NLT New Living Translation)

That’s the wonderful GOOD NEWS[gospel]… and un-believed… message of theBible. It’s not a “religious statement” –it’s a POLITICAL ONE!

And the “Babylon of the book of Revelation” is the final generationof the “system of man’s governments” that shall rule on the earth,just before Jesus Christ returns to earth with His army of angels,to SMASH THEM TO PIECES!

Even Daniel revealed, anciently, the GOOD NEWS [gospel] of God’scoming Kingdom to King Nebuchadnezzar… the king ofBabylon!

“…the God of heaven will set up a Kingdom that willnever be destroyed; no one will ever conquer it.It will SHATTER ALL THESE KINGDOMS INTONOTHINGNESS, but it will stand forever. That is themeaning of the Rock [Jesus Christ] cut from the Mountain bysupernatural means, crushing to dust the statue of iron [Rome],bronze [Greece], silver [Persia], and gold [Babylon]. The GreatGod has shown your majesty WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THEFUTURE. The dream is TRUE, and its meaning ISCERTAIN.” (Dan.2:44-45 NLT)

The Bible reveals that Satan owns man’s governments!

“…I will give you the glory of these kingdoms and authority overthem – BECAUSE THEY ARE MINE TO GIVE TO ANYONE IPLEASE.” (Luke 4:6 NLT)

God gave Adam and Eve [mankind] the earth in the beginning. And thefirst thing they did was “choose the wrong god to worship andobey”… and they sold themselves and their children intoslavery to their god… into bondage to sin. That god was Satan theDevil: “…the great Dragon… that old Serpent, called the Devil,and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world…” (Rev.12:9KJV).

And in that transaction between man and the god of this world…man’s future systems of religion and government were structuredafter the design of their chosen god.

Babylon was that pattern… just like its god… evil, wicked,self-serving. Just like the unchanged, Satan-owned governments ofman, today. The systems took on many different names over thecenturies — but the Babylonian system has been at the root of themall.

The Babylon of the book of Revelation isthe prophesied “final Babylon-based government systemof man” that shall rule on the earth before JesusChrist returns to remove it, and Satan, before He establishes God’sKingdom on earth.

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