Some similarities between Ancient Egypt & Ancient China are:
They are both one of the oldest continuous civilizations
Both cultures economies were based on agriculture
Both had an early system of writing
Both had an inherited system of rule, Emperors and Pharaoh’s alikewere seen as Gods and had absolute rule.
Both cultures had invented paper at an early stage
Both couture’s buried their dead with items of value, and practicedancestor worship
Both cultures had elaborate systems of Bureaucratic systems ofadministration
Both cultures had rudimentary concepts of Mathematics and Medicine.
They also both experienced huge floods.
Both were geographically quite isolated, the Sahara desert west ofEgypt and the Tibetan plateau west of the Chinese heartland.

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Both were more than once conquered by nomadic warrior tribes, butsince a small nomadic tribe cannot possibly assimilate the verylarge farming population of the nation, instead the Nomads wereassimilated and became Egyptian/Chinese.

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