The term paleolithic age indicates that based on current information there was no known form of writing at that time to precisely record specific details pertaining to how anyone living then felt about a specific event. There are artifacts that have been found such as cave art by which it is quite indicative that the “artist or artists” had powerful feelings about the animals and events they portrayed there. Through those images they attempt to express their interpretation of the world and important or memorable events they had experienced. Other personal items they created such as fetish items like small stone effigies of animals and celestial scenes as well as tools and other items that were so meticulously fashioned or so delicate and ornate that they were obviously not intended for utilitarian use but specifically crafted as ceremonial pieces. Many of these items have been found in burial sites. These are indications that whomever placed the items there had feelings of reverence for things outside themselves. So it can be inferred that events of everyday life and survival in the paleolithic ages illustrate “feelings”.

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