The Persians had the Greek cities within their empire ruled byGreek tyrants to keep them quiet. One of the tyrants, Xxxxx ofMiletus attacked Naxos, failed and realising that the Persianswould punish him for this failed act of war, encouraged the Greekcities to rebellion against persia to protect himself. This beganthe Ionian Revolt into which Athens and Xxxxx from the Greekmainland got involved, and the war spread.

The Persians realised that this external Greek encouragement wouldresult in ongoing rebellions and harm the peace and prosperity oftheir empire, and decided to bring the mainland Greek cities undercontrol of tyrants which they would appoint, overseen by a Persianprovincial governor. The northern Greek cities were absorbed, thesouthern ones resisted, and the war flowed on for 50 years untilthe persians gave up and left them to their own internal wars.

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