The whole officialdom of China after the time of the Chinese Communist Revolution and the installation of Communism as the official principle of administration in China has been a total negation of all Confucian teachings. Chinese officials feeling that their merchants are going against Confucian teachings is absurd and ridiculous. The philosophy and logic of this great teacher Confucius has been shaping Chinese culture for the past 2500 years which was halted all of a sudden by the Communist Party of China when they tried to incorporate hostile alien ideologies into the traditional culture of China. Even as the respect the Chinese youngsters show towards their elders is a Confucian contribution, this great teacher was tried to be obscured by revolutionaries when they taught youngsters to betray elders in the name of hunting for supposed enemies of the state. It was not the merchants but the officials of modern day China who were and are going against the teachings of Confucius.

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