Answer one:
The wheel was thought to be invented by the Mesopotamians with a log because they realized they could take a log and place it under heavy objects and the logs would roll.

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Answer Two:
The oldest wheel was found 3000 BC in Holland before the early Mesopotamian civilizations. This was a spoked wheel so the history goes back much further. The current theory is it was invented in Ukraine, Balkans and southern Urals/ central asia. People who had followed herds annually using sleighs had greater difficulty as the climate warmed. Ice was replaced by grassland. By adding rollers to the sleigh the motion was enhanced.

We know historically that Mesopotamia was under constant threat of invasion from the Caucuses and Balkans were nomads and early shifting agriculturists lived. The wheel and its enhancements came from the north with waves of ruling elites. The Hittites being the last example who conquered the so called civilised world in one generation.By rocks, they carved them into squares and found it was harder to move so they rounded the tips it got stuck on slowly. moving it into the wheel. Before that they would put it on wood, kind of like skis. We got many ideas from them.

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