She buildsthe Djeser-Djeseru. We know it as The Mortuary Temple of QueenHatshepsut. It is located at Deir el-Bahri, The Obelisks ofHatshepsut and The Red Chapel. She lived in the Palace of Ma’at. Itwas rectangular structure. The capital was Thebes, Amarna, and thenagain Thebes. In terms of trade, Hatshepsut was not blind to theneed of bolstering Egypt’s economy’ and indeed, the Punt expeditionis but the climax of her consistent trading enterprises withLebanon, Crete, Syria, West Africa, South Africa, Aswan and thereopening of mines in Mt. Sinai. She traded Ivory, gold, silver andother goods for eating. Hatshepsut’s legacy is also extant in theenduring architectural innovations she incorporated into herbuilding program. The design of Djeser-Djeseru is a prime example;although there exists a few doubtful precursors of the terracedtemplate originality of the design cannot be gainsaid.’ Thethematic structure of the three terraces, from her role as pharaoh,to legitimization of her rule and achievements, to the worship ofthe deities is indisputably her own invention, as were the rampslinking them, imitating the glory of a sun’s ray. Thutmose IIImodeled his mortuary temple on Hatshepsut’s whilst Akhenatenincorporated the design of the ramps into his own buildings.Similarly, the design of Hatshepsut’s tomb, with the threesuccessive passageways leading to the burial chamber, her royalsarcophagus, her resting stations for Amun’s barque were likewisereplicated by her successors. Therefore, Hatshepsut’s reign wascharacterized by a myriad of architectural innovations that becameher legacy, to be admiringly integrated into the buildings of thefuture generations of pharaohs. Extreme prosperity and renaissancein art and building projects mark the beginning of this period.Towards the end of the 19th Dynasty the increasing power of thepriesthood corrupts the central government. During the 20th Dynastytomb robbing is done by officials. The priesthood becomeshereditary and begins to assume secular power. The governmentbreaks down.

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