One version of the crucial Battle of Actium has indicated that at best there was a miscommunication between the forces of Antony and Cleopatra. The Greek historian Plutarch wrote that Antony became infuriated at his war partner Cleopatra, when she had withdrawn her troops and warships to Alexandria before it could be determined that the Battle at Actium was over. The forces of Octavian and Agrippa were the victors.
According to another version of the defeat at Actium, Cleopatra did not run away or withdraw early. Her escape and Antony’s as well, was a carefully planned scheme. Antony knew he had got himself bottled up and his rowers were dying off in his overcrowded and disease ridden camp. So the plan was to fake off Agrippa and draw him to the upper end of the battle area. With this done, Cleopatra would make her break-out of the bay and head for Egypt. Antony and whoever else could get away would follow. This could easily be accomplished because of the afternoon wind that always blew at that time of year. This is the reason that Antony ordered his ships to take their sails and masts along with them, which was unusual during a battle.

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