The type of government I would like to live in is the type of government we live in today. I believe that democracy is the most efficient way to govern, compared to all the other types of government; democracy has stuck around the longest. The foundation of a democracy is constructed of many fair points such as, the fundamental worth of the individual, equality of all persons, and majority rule and minority rights. These points alone are why I came to my decision. The point of fundamental worth of the individual is simply stating that each citizen is seen as an individual and that the qualities that make up that individual are valued. The people are the main decision makers in a democracy and all sides are heard and respected. In some cases an individual’s values are compromised to serve the interest of many individuals, presenting the society, but it may help the nation for the better. Unlike in a totalitarian government, where the citizens are seen as puppets the government can make, say, and do whatever they please with no consent but their own. The point of equality of all persons is quite obvious; all citizens are given equal opportunity despite race, color, culture, religion, or gender. In Saudi Arabia, under a monarchy, women are still not given the right to vote. Being a female, I find this to be completely unjust and I feel grateful that the United States’ democracy was able to adjust their rule of law to the needs of people today. There are still many countries like Saudi Arabia who have yet to realize that this can be done while still keeping law and order. The point of majority rule and minority rights is basically stating that the majority has the power, so they make decisions that are seen as “right” but are not always right, however, the minority has the right to be heard. In some cases the majority listens to the minority and the minority becomes the majority. In certain types of government such as, autocracy, a single person is given unlimited…

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