Answer 1
Most historians think that the word Assyria only lost the “a” and”s”, leaving behind the name “Syria” nowadays. These people keepcoming back in history and the damage they are causing nowadays ismajor.

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Answer 2
Assyrians still exist. For centuries after the conquest of Assyriaby the Babylonians, the Assyrians remained a subordinate ethnicgroup to the various powers in Mesopotamia (Babylonians,Achaemenids, Seleucid Greeks, Romans, Parthians, and Sassanians).By the 600s C.E., the Assyrian community was divided between thosewho remained polytheistic and those who had converted toChristianity. The arrival of the Islamic Caliphate led to theextinction of the polytheistic Assyrians (through conversion toIslam and Arabization) and a similar decrease among ChristianAssyrians. However, some of the Christian Assyrians have survivedin eastern Syria and northwest Iraq. The remaining descendants ofthe Assyrians are mixed within the Sunni Muslim Arab populations ofSyria and Iraq.

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