Philip II was King of the ancient Greekkingdom of Macedonia, a member of the founding Argead dynasty, thethird son of King Amyntas III, and father of Alexander the Greatand Philip III.Though overshadowed historically by theachievements of his son Alexander, Philip was known as a mastertactician in his own right and was able to consolidate power andcreate a larger, stronger and more prosperous kingdom for his sonto inherit. His ingenuity remade the Macedonian army turning itinto a professional unit and a formidable force. He designed thesarissa, a pike that was 16 feet long, giving the Greek phalanx agreater reach than the traditional pikes that were used until then.This innovation meant that Philip’s army could strike first andgain the upper hand. Philip successfully united Greece (except forthe Spartans) under his hegemony and planned next, to free theGreeks of Asia Minor from Persian yoke. Unfortunately, he wasassassinated before his plans could come to fruition. The campaignwas continued by his son Alexander III. Philip will be rememberedfor his skilled military, innovative and diplomatic tactics.

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