The Aksumite religion was animistic character, their rites was based on astrology and worship the forces of nature in general their priests were magicians and astrologers, their temples served as observatories besides saving the statues of the gods, not much is known of the gods axumites because after the arrival of Christianity in Ethiopia worship of them became extinct, Some gods are:
Attar: Good heavens, counterparty Semitic goddess Astarte, was represented as the star Venus, was the symbolic animals like antelope and represented with a cover full of stars.
Marhem: God of war, warrior god who protected the kings believed that all Ethiopians s kings were sons of Marhem.
Beher: Ethiopian Aksumite ancient god of the sea.
Zat-Badar: The sun goddess of ancient Aksumite religion, had symbolic animals like the lion and was the patron who protected the city of Axum. Zat-Badar was already known in the fifth century BC.
Shayba: Moon Goddess who dwelt in heaven, Shayba represented the moon in its existence triple: Up (single), full (Pregnant Mother), Moon (wise old).
Medr: Goddess of the great mother earth that gives them the fruit of the land to feed themselves and their breasts out of fertility that feeds men.

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