Rome conquered Hispania(present day Spain and Portugal), Gaul (present day France,Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland south of the river Rhine and Germanywest of the Rhine), Britannia (present day England and Wales),Rhaetia (present day central and eastern Switzerland), Noricum(present day eastern Austria, southern Germany and Slovenia),Pannonia (da present y eastern Austria, western Hungary, part ofSlovakia and northern Serbia), Illyricum (da present day centralSerbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania),Moesia (present day southern Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia andwestern Bulgaria) Thrace (present day central and eastern Bulgariaand a slither of Moldova), Dacia (present day Romania), Greece andthe Greek Islands, Cyprus, the various states on Anatolia, presentday Turkey (Pergamon, Bithynia, Lycia, Pamphylia, Galatia,Cappadocia, Cilicia, Pontus, Kommagne and Sophene), Armenia,Osroene (present day south-eastern Turkey and northern Iraq),Syria, Phoenicia (present day Lebanon), Judea (present day Israeland Palestine), Arabia Petraea (present day western Jordan, whichhad been the kingdom of Nabataea, the Sinai peninsula and a slitherof the northern part of the coast on the Red Sea of Saudi Arabia),Egypt, coastal Libya, Tunisia, coastal Algeria and northernMorocco.

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