Personal Health Analysis

Each individual has a alone combination of physical, emotional, and religious facets of their life that contributes to their overall wellness. Some wellness jobs are self inflicted because people do n’t take attention of themselves as they should. It takes a batch of committedness and attempt to do the necessary alterations. In charting the class taking to a healthier life, the first measure in this procedure is an accurate self-assessment. Upon completion, this needs to be followed by ownership of our single wellness wonts and a committedness to integrating the necessary alterations that are required.

True, there are several countries of health that are disputing for me. I made a committedness last twelvemonth to get down taking attention of myself by working out on a regular footing and by traveling back to school. Unfortunately, my work duties remain the same and frequently, I work more hours than I would wish to acknowledge. The clip for these extra activities has lessened the sum of personal clip for other of import things in my life.

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To better my overall wellness, I need to happen a more effectual balance in my day-to-day activities. I have a really strong work moral principle and that, at times, can be my Nemesis. Though I am a really dedicated employee, I need to switch some of this trueness to non-worked related activities. I do set forth attempt to better my physical wellness but I realize that is non plenty. I know I would besides profit by keeping and heightening my emotional and religious good being.

I am willing to perpetrate restricting my work-related activities to 8-10 hours/day. To increase productiveness I need to acknowledge that giving 110 % attempt is non ever possible and hinders my ability to acquire things accomplished. I besides need to perpetrate to concentrate on high pay-off activities and postpone the balance for another clip ( Gmelch, 1992 ) . Because of my household and personal history of high blood force per unit area, I know that commanding this is really of import. The best manner to forestall, dainty, and control high blood pressure is through exercising sooner every twenty-four hours of the hebdomad ( Pescatello, et Al, 2004 ) . Since I realize that my current exercise is sufficient I am giving serious consideration for increasing this from three to five times a hebdomad. Following a exercise, non merely do I come off experiencing really refreshed, I know it has a positive consequence on my emotional well being. I am besides willing to do a more conjunct attempt to eating healthier. Though I do this in jets, it is easy for me to fall back into old wonts particularly when I am tired. Self-monitoring of day-to-day nutrient consumption is really of import. Today, many Internet-based resources can be used to assist with personal direction of nutrient consumption ( Parkka, new wave Gils, Tuomisto, Lappalainen, Korhonen, 2000 ) . Finally, while I begin each twenty-four hours with devotedness, I besides need to stop my waking hours in the same manner, giving thanks to God.

Personal Health Analysis Table

Assessment Consequences

How would you better the physical facet?

How would you better the emotional facet?

How would you better the religious facet?



Increase physical activities

Modify nutrient consumption to better visual aspect.

Improves self-image

I would see myself as more loving.

Blood Pressure

Controlled by medicine

Decrease salt consumption, and caffeine in diet to maintain blood force per unit area reduced. It encourages a healthier life style.

It encourages the development of effectual get bying schemes during times of emphasis.

It would promote day-to-day religious experiences because there a correlativity between blood force per unit area and day-to-day prayer/devotion and regular attending at spiritual services.

Eating Habits


Eat three balanced meals/day

Addition fruits/vegetables

Decrease bites. Reduces symptoms of chronic disease. Increases energy.

Influences our relationship with others. Increases self worth.

I would happen great significance to life and believe myself healthier.

Drinking Habits

Very good

Does non compromise wellness or determination devising. Allows for joy in making normal things in life.

Additions self esteem. Greater inclination to take better attention of oneself.

A individual would experience better about them self and value their ain life more.

Activity Level


Increase exercising to five times a hebdomad will better cardio and strength.

Additions assurance ; personal pride and self worth

I would see myself more joyous, enthusiastic, and energetic.

Support System

Very good

Specify a more effectual work-life balance. Give precedence to shut relationships.

More relaxed with day-to-day life occurrences. Alleviates feeling of solitariness.

I would be more attentive to others and mindful of my ain day-to-day experiences.

Religious Vitality

Very good

Minimize focal point on today ‘s comfortss and amusement.

Additions ability to concentrate on interior ego. Allows for self scrutiny of ideas, beliefs, feelings, and motives.

It would supply me penetrations on life ends and thoughts for how to carry on myself.

Religious Habits

Very good

Develop extra agencies to function God. Increase day-to-day communicating with God.

Gives purpose to life which can prolong me during hard times.

It would promote me to seek for a greater significance in life.


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