This is a concept or thinking which the government has introduced saying that people should be respected and treated with fairness even if they come from or belong to a different group that is not ours. Diversity is a concept or thinking which the government has introduced saying that individuals should be respected and valued regardless of their age, race, gender/sex, sexuality, religion, culture, lifestyle, physical abilities, physical appearance and etc. Write the factors like (race, religion, age and etc. ) that contribute to diversity.

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Race: If we explore the different types of races, for example by going to a church to worship with neighbors of another race is a great way to explore the different types of races there are in the world. That way we can learn new things and gather information about them. Religion: Making friends, visiting places to study or worship in places of different religious practices. Languages: Learning new languages, for example Hindi, French, Latin, and Bengali or getting involved in cultural events like Eid, Hanukah, Diwali, and Ramadan outside of our own cultural events.

Give some statistics/examples of different types of races or food in Britain There are many distinct ethnic cuisines in Britain for example Chinese, Indian, Italian and Greek restaurants are most popular. In Britain about 6. 5 per cent consist of ethnic minorities. Britain has population which is made up of the following ethnic groups: Whites – 53,074,000 which includes Irish, Italian, Polish, and etc| Other Asian – 209,000 which includes Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese| Black Caribbean – 490,000| Other – 424,000 who think they don’t fit in none of the categories above| Black African – 376,000| Black other – 308,000|

Chinese – 137,000| Bangladeshi – 268,000| Indian – 930,000| Pakistani – 663,000| Aldworth, C & Billingham, M & Lawrence, P & Moonie, N & Talman, H. (2010). BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care (p49-50) Write two or three benefits of diversity (social, cultural and economic benefits) Some of the benefits to an individual working in a diverse organisation are self-development, help generate ideas and solve problems, learn about different people’s cultures, increase of self-esteem, and learn ew languages and also people can learn that there are gay, lesbian, bisexual people out there whom we need to respect and value their way of life. The art delivers a valuable way of taking diversity to a wide range of audience. For example, a movie which is made in other countries shows different types of culture, race, religion, festivals, and etc. This is how people come about different cultural backgrounds of their friends, neighbours, and etc. Education has established so much in the past recent years with different cultures being explored and respected with the school and college curriculums.

Now there are various types of languages which are taught in school and colleges. Different languages benefits individuals who consider working in health and social care sector. It gives individuals the chance to work in a country which may be their favourite and learn more about that country by working there. The economic benefits of diversity in seen everywhere in Britain, from the clothes people wear to what types of food there is. There are many different types of shops in Britain especially in Whitechapel, Ilford, and Green Street.

Write two or three examples of how knowing about diversity can help you as a health and social care worker. As a health and social care worker we need to respect and value all service users no matter what their race, gender, class, age, culture, religion, sexuality or ability is. We can do this by listening to them, doing research or getting involved in cultural events. If we gain knowledge about someone else’s belief they feel valued and respected because we have made the effect to do that.

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