The two versions of Romeo and Juliet I decided to watch were the 1968 film and 1998 film. While they share many similarities such as the script (most of it), they also have many differences such as the behavior of the characters and the way that the story is delivered. In the 1968 version, the Montagues are depicted as more timid where as the Capulets are the ones that are trying to start something. The Montagues are continually trying to leave the situation but the Capulets continue harassing them.

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In the 1998 version, the Montague’s are much more aggressive and are the first ones to draw. Despite engaging in a brawl, the Montagues quickly seem reluctant about their actions. This could suggest that the Capulets show a much stronger hate than the Montagues do. The characters Tybalt and Benvolio are also depicted similarly between the two films. In both films, Tybalt seems to be snobby and over confident about his skills. On the other hand, Benvolio seems weary whenever having to face Tybalt.

The modern version provides a faster pace and the message of hate is demonstrated in a more extreme way such as the fire at the gas station. The modern version shows how quickly our society has become dangerous especially since the bystanders in the modern version are threatened and are not willing to take action. In the 1968 version, the bystanders took action and tried to break up the action. I believe the modern version is easier to understand because it is easier for us to relate to the more modern setting and dangers such as guns and gas station fires. In the second scene of the first act,

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