Some people believe that money spend on space research is benefits all humanity. Other people take the opposite view and say that money spent in this kind of research is wasted. Tell which point of view you agree with and explain why using specific details and reasons. Since 1950s vast amounts of money have been spent in order to discover the secrets of outer space. Missiles, spaceships and satellites have been sent from many nations in various research programs. In order for the governments to maintain these programs it obviously means that they hold them as of extreme significance.

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Nonetheless an increasing number of people believe that space exploration is meaningless. To my mind these research programs should be maintained for all the reasons discussed bellow. To begin with, space research has led to the development of some inventions that have significantly changed the modern way of life. The set of satellites to orbit the earth enabled the spread of mobile phones, High speed internet and satellite TV. It is impossible to think of the modern life without these radical inventions.

These developments have hugely contributed to the dispense of information thus to extend the global communications and consequently to spread the worldwide trade. Therefore it is proven that the space research does not only provide simple amenities, but generates substantial inventions that define our way of life. It can further be argued that space research is a field of continuous concurrence between the nations. From where I stand this is not at all something to be used against space programs. Imagine if countries didn’t straggle to reach the moon first, but to build the deadliest atomic bomb!

An example of the 20th century history can be brought. One facet of the competition between U. S. A and S. S. S. R. was the so called “space race” There the two notions compete on which would send the first man to the moon. When the cold war was over the humanity had ultimately gained from their competition, as one can see from the inventions listed in the above paragraph. Nevertheless there is still opposition to the space programs. Many of those people argue that those massive amounts that are being spent in this kind of research would be very helpful to the starving population of the third world.

I couldn’t agree more with those people, however I strongly believe that it is extremely difficult to pursued tax payers to spent money (and such immense amounts) for a cause that is does not directly affect them. On the other hand, tax payers will be less reluctant to see their money be spent on research that would directly benefit them. To sum up I strongly believe that is it worthwhile to spend money on the space research. However I do not find it essential that huge amount must be spent. Maybe some economy can be made, and some money can be given to the less fortunate citizens of the third world. 40’

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