I’m touched by the part of the movie that I remembered, it goes like this While the siblings were doing their homework, they passed notes to each other discussing what to do. They devise a scheme to share Ali’s Converse sneakers: Zahra will wear them to school in the morning and return them to Ali at midday so he can attend afternoon classes. Ali does well on a test and his teacher (Dariush Mokhtari) awards him a gold-colored pen; he gives it to Zahra to partially make up for losing her shoes.

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However, the uncomfortable arrangement between him and his sister leads to Ali being late three times in a row, no matter how hard he runs; the first time the principal ignores him, the second time he gives him a warning, the third time he tells Ali to leave and return with his father. Ali’s teacher (Dariush Mokhtari) persuades the principal to give the boy one more chance and let him back into class.

For me, that the part where I reflect the real children coming from heaven. They share the same shoes so that to make sure that both of them can still go to school. But it wasn’t enough because they are always late so Ali found other ways to provide shoes for his sibling. He found a solution, a footrace competition was held between schools and he was determined to get at least the 3rd price, a pair of sneakers for Zahra but he accidentally won the first price.

He‘s disappointed because he didn’t get the sneakers for his sibling but he took that path and continued his career and with that chosen career he achieved success and because of his dedication and willingness to help Zahra get another pair of sneakers, he does not only win third price like what he was aiming, but instead bigger price. A price of good life after a thousand of sufferings. As long as we are dedicated and doing things for our family that dedication is powerful enough to give yourself a power to fight for your families sake and still can make you run faster even there are blisters all over your feet.

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