In today society, the modern corporation according to Joel Bakan, is singularly self-interested, regardless of the harmful consequences it might cause to other. Bakan also stated that the corporation is a “pathological” entity. The so-called pathological personality in humans is well documented and includes serial killers, rapist, and others who have no regard for the life and welfare of anyone but themselves. He begins describing a corporation is an institutional psychopaths that won’t let any obstacles that get into it way.

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It has fought with considerable success over that last twenty years. He recalls a time that some major American corporation were reaping substantial profits by working for Adolf Hitler. Next he tells what corporations have become over the course of history, and finally what can be done about it. Bakan’s argument includes the point that the corporation’s sole reason for being is to enhance the profits and power of the corporation. He tells by citing court cases that it is the duty of management to make money and that any compromise with that duty is dereliction of duty. ———————————————— ————————————————- Another point is that “corporations are designed to externalize their costs. “

The corporation is deliberately programmed, indeed legally compelled, to externalize costs without regard for the harm it may cause to people, communities, and the natural environment. Every cost it can unload onto someone else is a benefit to itself, a direct route to profit. The result is a nearly constant bending and breaking of the law.

Corporation would pay the fine and then break the law again. The corporation, after all, has no conscience and feels no remorse. Bakan disagrees with the notion that corporations can be responsible citizens and that corporate managers can act in the public good. He believes that corporations can and sometimes do act in the public interest, but only when that coincides with their interests or because they feel the public relations value of acting in the public interest is greater than the cost of not doing so.

He adds “business is all about taking advantage of circumstances”. ————————————————- ————————————————- Bakan’s like to see elections publically financed and an end to corporate political donations. I strongly agreed, but if we could take the money out of elections, our representatives would not be beholden to the corporate structure and would act more consistently in the broader public interest.

I think this is one of the most important challenges facing our country today, that the influences of big corporations with their lobbyist are financing political election in their favor. I also feel, political power and government assistance to corporation has always be interpreted as a partnership, despite it hierarchy and obligation to society and citizens it suppose to serve. But the bottom line is always money that will have a major impact of our democratic process and how it affects our politicians in our government today

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