You are about to go on a journey through the World Wide Web www in search of knowledge that will help you gain experience in using the Internet to your advantage. There are many search engines out on the web to make our everyday lives easier. One of the most well known search engines is……. (Reference document titled Internet Scavenger Hunt Reference Sheet for steps on certain computer processes) Download this document to Microsoft word before starting the scavenger hunt.

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See adjacent document titled Internet Scavenger Hunt on downloading procedures and reference “HOW TO” procedures. ) Go to www. google. com and type What is the World Wide Web in the search engine. Record a brief answer in the space below A widely used information system on the internet that provides facilities for documents to be connected to other documents by hypertext 2) Go to www. google. com and click on the IMAGE icon at the top of the screen. Type Happy Face in the Google Image screen. Find a picture and copy/paste it into the space below. You may need to resize the image to fit in the space below. 3). Go to www. google. com and click on MORE on the top icon. Click on MAPS.

Type the address below____________Lucas Oil Stadium, South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 4) Click on find directions in the MAPS feature. Type in your address and map the directions from your home to Lucas Oil Stadium. How long will it take you to get to Lucas Oil Stadium? How many miles is it? 6. 6 miles 18 minutes. 5) Go to www. yellowpages. com and type in The Excel Center in the search bar and make sure the location states Indianapolis. Record the address and phone # to the Decatur Excel Center site. 5125 Decatur Blud, Indianapolis, In 462241. (317)524-3700

Now type in Anderson, IN in the location. What is the address to the Anderson Excel Center? 6) Go to www. amazon. com and type Dell Computer in the search engine . Record some of the features of the lowest priced Dell computer on page 1. Go to page 3 and record some of the features of the highest prices Dell computer. The lowest prices that I found was $425. 73 and, the highest was$874. 99 $116 7) Go to www. travelzoo. com and click on Travel Deals. What is the location, price, and number of days of the highest prices trip?

Click on LOCAL Deals and find a deal for Indianapolis. 1899 Tibet & China 8-Nights vacation with air, regular $3818 8) Go to www. indy. gov and click on Develop Indy. Click on Target INDUSTRIES and record two of the target industries for Indiana. Clean Technology, Information Technology 9) Go to www. indystar. com and click on MOST POPULAR. Record a popular story of the day. Recent college grad charged in hit and run death of man working to right his life Dec 3, 2012 | By Kristine Guerra kristine. [email protected] com … He was a recovering drug addict. She is a recent college graduate with a budding career.

A young man and woman, each 23, entering what should … 10) Go to www. careerbuilder. com and click on FIND a JOB. Type in a job title in a KEYWORD function, type in INDIANAPOLIS in the LOCATION and scroll down the CAREERS by CATEGORY. Record a job you find interesting in the space below. Specify the job title, company, and 2 facts about the job. PHARMACEUTICAL SALES & MEDICAL SALES, My facts about this job is that it has Full-Time About This Event: Multiple companies will be attending this event screening and/or interviewing sales professionals.

Positions routinely represented in our events are pharmaceutical sales, medical sales, financial services sales, telecommunications sales, technology sales, software sales, industrial sales and B2B sales. 11). Click on the hyperlink titled Google Drive Tutorial 2012 to learn more about Google Drive. Write down one fact about Google Drive that you didn’t know about before. It shows you step for step how to do something for example how to save a program or copy something and paste in your pages. I daren’t know how to do nothing like that is so helpful. 12).

Click Save File in Microsoft Word once you complete this assignment. Go to your GMAIL Account. Click on Drive. Click on Upload and Save FILE Find your file in the directory and upload it. Make sure to SHARE the document with Nikki and Chad 13). Go back to INTERNET Explorer and save the following websites to your favorites. Google, Youtube, Indy Star. 14). Go to your email and send an email to Chad and Nikki. Type My favorite Article in the subject line. Please let us know your favorite article off from www. indystar. com. Include the article in a Hypderlink format. 5). Upload this document into Google Drive and Share with Nikki and Chad. Click on Drive and you will see this screen. Click on the upload button next to create. Click on Files This screen will appear. Look around the desk top until you see the file you want to upload InternetScavengerHunt. Double-Click on the icon for InternetScavengerHunt. Click on the Upload and Share button. The document will appear on your drive list. Double click on the new document to open it. Click share and share with [email protected] org and [email protected] org

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