As a result of globalization and rapid advances in information and communication technology (ICT), there has been a change in priorities towards English. Although English remains as the second language, it is becoming more significant as it is the language used in Science and technology. One of the most important aspects of gaining proficiency in any language is speaking it regularly. Self-study can improve reading and comprehension skills, but interacting with other English speakers is essential for boosting real-world comprehension and practical use of the English language.

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Living in an English-speaking country will help immerse you in the language and increase all aspects of your English knowledge. The way it to improved English prociency among the student is watching or listening to media in English is a way to improve English comprehension without feeling like you are studying. Watch popular English movies and listen to English music. Besides that, student cans online learning. This because the internet is fully of resources that can help improved student English proficiency.

Besides that, internet also one of the best places student to go to improve their vocabulary since definitions can be looked up easily with a simple web search. The next way student also can attend some classes such as taking formal classes or joining a club dedicated to learning English can accelerate learning. Classes can help increase motivation and keep you on a normal schedule of study, which is important for learning any language. So, actually student must improved its.

Then, in class student also cans join the Grammar Quizzes. This it can improve student grammar in classes also in their writing the essay. Besides that, take English grammar quizzes online also for easy to help improve student sentence structure. Quickly see the areas in which you need to improve. That why student must improved it. Lastly, the way can improved it is teachers should work together to make this happen. This because it have multiple teachers grade the same assignment as a system of checks and balances.

Follow the state or national guidelines for English Language Proficiency Standards as to move forward in integrating the standards in the classroom. In conclusion, we as a student must to should also try to conquer it. Therefore, the student and teachers must to improve their knowledge and must to speaking in English with their friend and each other. Besides that, rehire also must to listening in English too much. It can help their to improved the English.

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