How can managers improve their perceptual skills? Social perception is the process of interpreting information about another person. In order for managers to improve their perceptual skills they need to understand individual differences; which are the factors such as skills, abilities, values and ethics differ from one individual to another. Managers need to respect, and accept the differences in cultures of individuals and use them to the best way possible.

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For the improvement in perceptual skills, managers should also have the knowledge about personality characteristics (core self-evaluations, self-monitoring, and positive/negative affect) in order to perceive an employee better. Moreover, perception is influenced by characteristics of the perceiver, target and the situation which managers must keep in consideration. Managers need to understand the barriers to perception which may prevent them from perceiving an individual accurately. Managers do need to know themselves before they can perceive accurately of others as well. } Which has the stronger impact on personality: heredity or environment? Personality can be defined as characteristics that play a role in the way an individual behaves. Heredity, which is a determinant of personality, can be defined as; characteristics an individual genetically derives from his/her ancestors. Environment, which is also a determinant of personality can be defined as; the combination of social and cultural conditions, family influences, educational influences and other environmental factors that influence personality of an individual.

Our personality is impacted by a combination of heredity as well as the environment. Additionally, an individual’s personality may vary in a set environment. For example; by nature, an individual’s personality might be of a reserved, quiet and timid person. However, in a work environment, the individual may be assertive and sociable due to his/her position at work which might require such personality display at times. The same individual in a family setting/environment may be quiet and reserved (their actual personality).

Certain settings demand a certain personality to be displayed by an individual; however some are capable of displaying such variations in personality while others are not. This demand in personality variations is seldom required as an individual is employed for the appropriate job/position that suits his/her personality. However, I have been a victim of showing variance in my own personality at times, which makes me believe that variances are possible at times due to circumstances. In general, personality traits are not fixed; they develop and change to a certain level through adulthood.

Therefore, heredity or environment, which has a stronger impact on personality, may vary from individual to individual. As one individual’s personality may be impacted more from heredity than environment and vice versa. This trend might also change with time, for example; an individual whose personality was more impacted from heredity after the passage of certain time it could be that his/her personality could be impacted from the environment. In conclusion, it is very difficult to judge impacts on personality as they may vary from individual to individual and may change with time.

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