Mitchella Is racism what we want? Values and beliefs are often come across when describing an individual of a culture. In purpose of my topic ‘Racism’ i chose articles and documentaries to back it up. Such as the article ‘This Aussie spirit is a flammin Sham’ by James Valentine. Explores the way cultural identity of Australia is shaped by other cultures put together. And ‘Oh you beautiful doll’ by Greg Callagham influenced by the book Cinderella ate my daughter focuses on the blonde white figure and no manufacture representing the black race, or any other culture. And also the way Barbies give out the wrong message for young girls.

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And the title documentary the chases war on everything, a small scene takes from the documentary of how male gender makes a mockery of wearing the Australian flag. ‘This Aussie spirit is a flammin sham’ by James valentine published in the weekend Australian critiques the nationally cherished notion of the Australian spirit if identity as being exclusively Australian. Valentine systematically lists closely held claims one after the other and states these apparently exclusively Australian cultural values are in effect similar to those held by other and states these all over the world.

The thrust of his argument is that we need to give up our parochial views of ourselves as being unique and there for something special. He asks us to see ourselves as part of an extended world culture which we share with others in terms of having the same values and attitudes. Valentine in effect sees Australia as a melting pot of many cultures mainly immigrant with the exception of our indigenous population. Through a systematic listing, of our wacking claims about national identity and measuring it to the world, he urges us to embrace more complicated truths us to who we really are.

Valentine’s direct, personal approach combined with a casual tone and good humour work well to make us rethink out claims to a special Australian identity. The title of the text in itself attracts the reader’s attention as the words hit hard and quite harshly at the heart of the Australian national spirit, calling the Aussie spirit a ‘Sham’ is confronting and poses a challenge to read the article particularly to one who considers themselves to be an embodiment of that very spirit.

Valentine’s image of an Aussie as embodying the cultural traditions of people all around the world reiterates a more universal cultural identity rather than the ‘Oi,Oi,Oi’ limited sense of Australian identity. The barbecue icon seen as ‘Aussie’ is not only matched by the Russians outdoor cooking but also ‘cooking meat over flames’ is seen as reasonably common all over the world. Our sense of humour and use of irony is seen as a defining national characteristic is matched by the Americans who are noted for their humour and wit.

In particular Valentine provides the example of Garrison Keilor, Woody Allen, Spencer Tracey, The Simpsons and Dave Letterman as epitomising American wit and humour. The serious element of comparison comes when Valentine cites the example of Yemeni Blogger. Valentine says ‘i heard a Yemeni blogger when asked what had promoted their protests say we just want the normal human rights’. Through this example Valentine reveals the true aim of his article.

His statement ‘That’s the world we’re in that’s the world that’s coming’ clearly illustrates this purpose. Rather than some parochial claim for how unique we are, he calls for a national equivalent of those who refer to their suburb or town as ‘God’s own country’. Valentine sees Australia as a ‘chip of the world’, a country represented by people from all nations of the world who together say ‘we are one but we are many, and from all the land on earth we come’.

Therefore the sum total of valentine’s article is the false notion of Australian national identity which is up held to some degree. Provocative ideas about identity have the power to enable readers to conceder identity differently, ‘Oh you beautiful doll’, feature article published in the weekend Australian challenges the readers to see the naive, innocent identity of Cinderella type of dolls transformed into a seductive, sexual identity thrust upon little children as young as five years old in the way in the way latest dolls are presented.

Callaham’s article based on a book he read Cinderella ate my daughter examines the latest craze of girls as young as five years old seeking a ‘princesses’ identity reflected in the dolls they choose to play with. In an ordinary context the fantasy world of Cinderella and the ‘princess image’ is seen as positive and fun for little girls. However in this article callaham represents this idea as a ‘Princess Mania’ identity, in very strong negative terms. We are shown all the detrimental effects of the bratz, Mily cyrus and Kim Kardashians versions of barbie dolls creating an altogether adult identity in girls.

As a different cultural background myself im writing as a keen consumer who plays attention to advertising. In this case Barbie dolls. It comes to my attention to the psychology behind the production and sale of toys “ The Barbie” has no merchandising of the black race or any other culture, it has only a representive of the white blonde figure. It comes to my attention of how the society thinks differently of something that’s not seemed ordinary. And it almost seems like white is dominant over black and i thought everyone should be treated equally?

The portrayal of certain characters as outsiders leaves an impact on the viewers by appealing to their own feelings of being outsiders themselves. A great majority of us have left at same point ourselves that we do not belong to a particular group, community or subculture. The title documentary Chase was on everything aimed at those similar feeling of non-belonging due to racism. In the following documentary a shot being showed people wearing the Australian flag to represent who they are and their nationality.

In today’s society flag can be showed anywhere or on anything for example we see the Australian flag being tattooed on to a bikini and underwear men’s and women’s. Normally you wear these type of clothing if you’re going to the beach or for other needs as in something you would cover your private parts, and slippers etc. and isn’t a flag something you showed openly to be proud of ?. today flags being targeted as a money maker for marketers, which downgrades what it stands for.

A flag is something you put highly above not lower like a slipper or a bikini. In the documentary shows a Muslim burke as the Australian flag worn by the male gender. It is not only making fun of the flag but its making fun of the Muslim and seism. Bibliography: http://www. theaustralian. com. au/national-affairs/opinion/this-aussie-spirit-is-a-flamin-sham/story-e6frgd0x-1226008107335 http://www. theaustralian. com. au/news/features/oh-you-beautiful-doll/story-e6frg8h6-1226002201954

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