How to advertise effectively and what makes an effective advertisement? Advertising is one of the most important things a company can get involved in, no matter what products or services are offered. It depends on the advertising campaign whether people will become interested in a product and buy it or they will not and the company will suffer losses. So, there is a question: what should businesses do to create a really successful and effective advertisement? Let’s try to answer it and guess the secret of success.

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First of all, the company should define its target audience. The company can be very good at spending thousands of dollars on ads that don’t click simply because they were not made specifically to the target market. It is better to spend some money on a research now, otherwise thoughtless advertising may cost more than it returns. Then it is very urgent to choose the right communication channels. For some small and average local businesses and their products and services it is quite enough to advertise in newspapers and magazines or on the radio.

Meanwhile, big companies that produce anything from beverages to cars can use a wider range of advertising opportunities (TV commercials, billboards, etc. ). When we talk about the advertisement itself it should meet the following requirements to be successful. Firstly, an effective advertisement should convey a clear, concise message about the product, its key features and benefits to the potential customers. Since the time and space for ad are limited it does not mean that the ad or commercial must be full to the brim with information.

Quite the contrary, the more laconic and coherent advertisement is, the more it appeals to its audience because people do not like when it is irritating and misleading. Secondly, a good advertisement should make people associate it with him- or herself. That is why we usually see a pleasant person in the advertisement who uses a particular product or service. This way people can easily imagine how they will look if buy this product. Car producers, for instance, Citroen, Nissan or Volvo often tell us what a wonderful feeling to drive their cars by showing happy drivers. And we believe them. Thirdly, a successful ad is a memorable ad.

Different tricks such as catchy jingle, bright slogan or endorsement can help a company to make its advertisements easily recalled in people’s minds. Just think of the Coca-Cola Company, Nike or McDonald’s. All of them have great slogans, there are always cheerful melodies in their ads and they frequently invite celebrities to take part in their advertising campaigns. And if you ask somebody to recall some ads of these companies, he or she definitely will do it without delay. And, finally, an effective advertisement should arouse customers’ interest in the product and it should leave the reader, viewer, or listener with a call to action.

A call to action will encourage, even implore, the consumer to purchase the product or service because they just cannot live without it. To sum up, I would like to say that, certainly, the list of requirements can be continued. However, I think those which enumerated are the most important. Companies that want to be successful in promoting their products or services on the market should keep in mind all these points when creating advertising campaigns. Thereby their advertisements will be effective and fortunate.

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