SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM. Name: Ridhi Mehta Enrollment No. : 12BSP1482 E-mail ID: ridhuaqua@gmail. com. PROJECT PROPOSAL…! I. Project Proposed: Analytical study of Financial Performance & Review of Common Area Maintenance Expenditure at Grauer & Weil India Ltd. II. Description of Project in brief: A. The entire project deals with evaluating the financial efficiency & the factors influencing performance of the organization including assessment of revenue leakages & its internal control function.

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The objective of this study is to analyze company’s profitability position on month-To-Month & Year-To-Year basis using SAP system & advance features of excel. The prime reason to take this study is to compare & indentify low performing segment of the company (segments: chemicals, engineering, paints & shoppertainment). B. Part of the study will also include methodology of charging Common Area Maintenance Expenditure to retail outlets & its recovery in shoppertainment segment. III. Objective of the Project: To access the system of Accounting & methodology of charging the Common Area Maintenance Expenditure to retail outlet. * To analyze the profitability of the business. * To understand & study the overall financial performance of organization on year to year basis. * To make recommendation based on the analysis of financial statements. IV. Methodology: * Data collected from SAP system of the company. * Secondary data from published financial statements of last 6 years. * Personal observation & discussion * Tools For Analysis: 1.

Simple Mathematical Tools like * Averages * Percentages 2. Accounting Tools like * Ratios * Trend Analysis & Statistical Tools were made also used for this analysis. V. Schedule: * Financial Analysis: (4 – 5 weeks) * Identifying cost & revenue center. * Allocation of cost center, expenditure to revenue center. * Identify Basis of allocation as per standard reporting framework * Plotting & Preparing Graphical format of revenue center unit wise * Consolidation of all Financials of all revenue centers. * Common Area Maintenance Expenditure: (2-3 weeks) Evaluation & scrutiny of all expenditure & its internal control system * Authorization & approvals as per agreed terms * Identifying all unabsorbed common area maintenance expense & give suitable suggestion to management for its recovery. * Project submission: ( 1 week) * Documentation of the project. * Presentation of the project. * Reporting. VI. Limitation of the Study: * It considers only monetary factors, non monetary factors are not considered. * The time allowed for the study is less. * It has been conducted by using secondary data The premium is subject to change in case of changes in the tax rate and the Government security rates. So, the past reference may not be accurate. VII. References: * Search engines used : google. com , yahoo. com * Company websites : www. growel. com * Other websites: www. icai. com, investopedia. com etc. * Mr. Jagdish Kadam: Vice President (Corp. A/c & Finance) * Mr. Santosh Pandey : Vice President (Shoppertainment Segment) * Mr. Debnarayan Rout: Asst. GM (Corp. A/c & Finance) * Published records of company Faculty Guide Name: Company Guide Name: Date: 05th April, 2013.

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