Social networking is an online service focusing on reflecting and building of social networks or relations among people sharing same interests, activities or backgrounds. These services or sites allow the user to create a virtual representation or profile showcasing one’s likes, dislikes, interests, activities etc and also providing some additional services. Most of these services are internet based thus providing the users to interact with other fellow users easily. In 1994 the first social networking site was developed and the AOL messenger service was amongst the first popular instant messaging services evolved in 1997.

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These social networking sites have evolved and now have become extremely popular worldwide. Some of the popular networking sites are: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut, Hyves etc. Social networking sites (SNSs) is a popular trend today, especially among college students. To our generation Social Networking Sites are part of everyday life. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, and Tumblr have attracted millions of users, many of whom have integrated these sites into their daily practices and programs such as iChat, AIM, and Adium have revolutionized the ways in which people communicate.

It used to be that e-mail had replaced traditional mailing systems, but now instant messaging replaces phone calls and wall posting replaces even e-mails. Social Networking Sites bring together resources such as email, instant messaging, etc. in one place. The conveniency of this promotes fast and frequent communication. Facebook, for example, houses a version of email, instant messaging, quick message posting, discussion forums, picture albums, calendar and social information updates (mini-feed).

It changed the way individuals communicate with the world, however, everyday designers are finding new and innovative ways in which they can use the sites to connect one person to the rest of society. Social networking sites have morphed into a mainstream method for teens and adults to exchange information about themselves, share pictures and videos, and use blogs and private messages to communicate with friends, others who share interests, and sometimes even the world-at-large.

Generally, users are able to post personal information, including photographs, videos, and blog entries. Sites for social networking are popular with people all over the world, particularly teenagers and people in their 20’s. Because it is so popular with teenagers, some people are concerned that teenagers and kids who post personal information on these sites are at risk of being solicited by paedophiles. As a result, some sites have taken precautions to monitor the information provided by underage patrons.

Some students went up from the normal and sane use of social networking sites to become addicts. They delay their work and studies in order to remain online. They keep checking their accounts every few minutes and can hardly log out. These research focuses on the effects of social networking sites on college students, if SNSs are their hindrances in making their school works and other things that they need to do.

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