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This website provides useful information about what HRIS – Human Resource Information System actually is. It guides about the different features of a comprehensive HRIS system and how a person should judge whether a company’s claim that it’s system is HRIS is completely believable or not.

This is an excellent web resource to learn about the different aspects of HRIS. This web resource is divided into two parts. These two parts are actually two different posts discussing about HRIS technology. The first part gives a good background of how people are dealing with this relatively new technology. It also throws light upon what misconceptions and threats are there in the minds of those who are dealing with it. The second part gives a more comprehensive picture of what the benefits of HRIS are and tries to clear the dilemmas attached to this relatively new technology.

This is a helpful website for students who want to explore the career options in the field of HRIS. It reassures the students about the job opportunities in this field. It gives a picture of how a career in it can be both fulfilling as well as lucrative as there is immense demand, but the supply is still low. It also confirms the fact that the future prospects in this field are quiet bright. Apart from it there are several other links in this website that gives additional information about how to become a successful HRIS professional. It also gives information about the salary one can get in this field with the help of a graph that illustrates the median salary by years experience for different HRIS positions.

This web resource educates on how the companies who are not equipped in HRIS are negatively suffering. It uses the results of a study and depicts actual figures to explain the drawbacks of following the old method of keeping records. It stresses on how a company can increase its productivity by adopting the latest trends like the Human Resource Information System.

This web resource describes what HRIS is by clearly explaining its connection to HRM. Apart from this it tries to explain HRIS from different angles by throwing light upon the concepts like the areas of HRM in which HRIS can be applied, benefits of HRIS, barriers of its success, the HRIS software and critical analysis of the general perception related to this technology.

This web resource helps in identifying the different problems that a person or company using the HRIS system can face. It also provides a step-by-step guideline of how to fix up those problems.

This web resource is an excellent guide to help students who are aiming to be future HR professionals as it teaches the skills to be intelligent enough to decide which HRIS system would be the best for their respective organizations. It gives valuable inputs about what to look in an HRIS vendor, and how to approach the issue of choosing the right technology based on the size as well as the nature of work of one’s organization. It also guides on how much vendor assurance should be believed and how much of it needs further investigations in order to avoid wrong decision-making. It presents a set of questions to be asked before the final purchase.

This website gives a brief explanation of HRIS and informs about the reasons why it should be implemented in every organization. It also brings forward the ways in which this technology can improve the productivity of the organizations that install it.

This web resource is another excellent source of equipping students with ideas that would help them to solve problems related to HRIS implementation in their future roles as HR professionals. It gives detail tips about how to get the best if one has to take the responsibility of setting up a good HRIS system in their organizations. This is a practical knowledge which is difficult to find in books and which will be very handy when one moves from a classroom setting to the actual work setting.

HRIS Software Implementation – What is a typical install like?

This website is a useful source of teaching students the techniques of HRIS installation in a very simple and easy to follow style. It focuses on the timeline of HRIS implementation, step-by-step guideline of the implementation process, things that can go wrong in the implementation process and how to prevent the failures in the implementation process.

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