Encouraging environmental awareness My company c Aitken plumbing and heating has been asked to prepare a report on how to upgrade their building on how to be more energy efficient. Its an addmin center which is sitchuated in an industrial estate and was constructed in 1950, the building is not listed. The composite stone wall 350 mm thick could be insulated and lower the height of the ceiling height to around 2. 5 meters this would make the building more energy efficient and the less unused space and less wasted heat.

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To make the sigle glazed timber windows more energy efficient I would replace the windows with double or triple glazeing (http://ajglassandglazing. co. uk/index. htm ) or install PLANITHERM PLANITHERM is a new generation of energy saving window glass that uses advanced coatings to retain more internal warmth whilst capturing free energy from natural daylight. That means lower energy bills compared to standard windows. (http://www. planitherm. com/? gclid=CPfr_NTkv7UCFUbKtAodaxQALg )

To make the timber and glass swinging doors more energy efficient I would replace with revolving or automatic doors so that they are only used when necessary to reduce heat loss. To make the pitched slated roof with nail sickness I could put solar pannals faon the south faceing roof and replace the pitched slated roof with eco friendly and energy efficient roof tiles such a solar slates (Solar Slate LTD is an efficient roof-integrated photovoltaic slate ideal for conservation areas and listed buildings These innovative solar slates have been developed with similar aesthetic properties to roofing slates.

They are fully weather proof and blend in with standard roof slates to provide an aesthetically pleasing solar panel roof ideal for use in conservation areas, on historic buildings. ) http://www. worldarchitecturenews. com/index. php? fuseaction=wanappln. projectview

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