First, watch this video:MythBusters – surprises Then, copy and paste the questions below into the submission box and answer the following questions as completely as possible. Complete answers will be at least a paragraph long (a paragraph is at least three full sentences! ) or longer. 1. Isaac Asimov, a famous science fiction author, once said “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka! ‘ (I’ve found it! ), but ‘That’s funny… ‘. ” Based on this quote and on the MythBusters video above, what role do you think surprises play in scientific progress?

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Surprises are a must in science. Most experiments in science never come out right and the scientists get surprised that what they predicted wasn’t what happened. In the video, the guy said that “it never seizes to amaze me when we start out a story and we expect it to turn out one way, and we get a totally unexpected result. ” Surprises allow the scientists to recreate their experiments and the outcomes of them. 2. Describe a situation in your daily life where you’ve used the scientific method to solve a problem and explain the steps you went through in detail.

Looking for my keys is a situation where I use the scientific method. Hypothesis 1-My keys are in my pocket….. Test 1: Check pockets, not there…. Hypothesis 2- Look on my dresser…test 3: Check dresser, not there…. Hypothesis 3: On the kitchen counter…. test 3: Check counter, I found my keys. I hypothesized my keys were in the places above and when I tested each of them, I found that they were on the counter. 3. Scientists often have to rely on imagination in their field to achieve results. Does this match with what you experienced in yesterday’s lab (or in any science class lab)? Why or why not?

This means that science and its experiments can always come out a little different, but we will always discover something new. Science also helps us explain the natural world. Science states photosynthesis, how the world was made, and asexual/sexual reproduction. These are important components of the world today. They are the same because each experiment varies. And that is what makes science; different hypothesis/theories that can be experimented on by scientists. Once you’re done, click the “Save changes” button to turn in your assignment!

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