It is important that one is cautious when speaking to people nowadays because of this terrible occurrence; some people see life in a different light because people are more careful and take jokes and remarks from another approach. Following this event, a war in Iraq happened and this affected American families across the country. A plethora of events that occur not only traumatize children, but it affects people of all ages. I was in eleventh grade in Deltona, Florida sitting in English class listening to instruction and the principal interrupted class instruction through the Public Announcement (P.

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A. ) System for all teachers to tune into a local news station; class stopped immediately to observe what was on the television. On this day, my peers and I were watching a real life event happening in the State of New York. The first thought that came to mind after realizing what took place was I wondered of the safety at my school and if anything would happen to me or my immediate family. This episodic memory will stick with me for a lifetime. Sometimes I can be in a building being so far from the first floor and can wonder if anything will happen while I am in that building.

Another judgment that came to mind was my family that resided in New York. I was unable to contact my family at the very moment because I was in school, but viewing the drastic terrorism bothered me so much and all I could do was wonder why and who would do such a mean thing to innocent people. Eventually, my teacher turned off the television and my classmates had plenty of questions as to why this was happening. This was a teachable moment for my English teacher and I could tell that he did not have any clue because he was clueless as the rest of us.

After all the class discussion ended, I thought to myself “this is worst terrorist attack on America ever. ” After school was over, I immediately contacted my mother to find out if we had any family members that was affected by this event. I found out that a few family members were employed at the World Trade Centers, but I was only informed of two relatives that worked in the World Trade Center. What a day to see, thousands of innocent people lost their lives, some trying to help others, some trying escape for survival and many others not having any hope to try to escape.

One of my cousins woke up late for work and the other was in the building while the buildings were burning. As for the cousin that woke up late, she boarded the subway and it was delayed. Once she got on the train, the train all of sudden came to a complete stop. Riders were getting a bit concerned as to why the train came to a complete stop but the train attendant did not inform the people of what happened at the World Trade Centers; because of technology (i. e. cellular phones), people were able to inform other riders of what took place on ground. People started to anic because of the persons that were in those buildings; indeed, think of their friends and family that may have been impacted by this terrible event. Some on the train were even on their way to those buildings that were under attack. Later on in life, I met a young lady that worked with me and explained that she was in middle school when that took place. She expressed that the debris was toilsome and recalled that school was closed for two days subsequent. She also shared that some of her mother friends worked in the facility and some survived and are still traumatized by that catastrophe.

The attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001 at 8:45 a. m. in America had a tremendous effect on civilization, not only in America but around the nation. As society observed the attacks on television that day, another plane struck the south tower seventeen minutes later. Because of the extensive heat on the truss on the steel-structures caused the buildings to collapse along with the some 3,000 gallons of jet fuel that was ignited by the immense calefaction; but stated on several documentaries, survivors mentioned that they heard either bombs or dynamite that were set that made the buildings collapse (“World Trade Center”).

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