His third album, released earlier this year, ‘Third eye of the Storm’, has already sold 672 CD albums, 759 digital albums and 654 digital singles. Looking at these figures, it is very clear that the expectations for his next album release are very high. MARKETING PLAN We have devised a marketing plan that will compliment the needs of his loyal fan base and potential new listeners; increase his popularity and ultimately augmenting the sales.

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The target audience of our campaign is aimed at 16 to 30 years old who are interested in U.K. hip-hop or those who like all kinds of music. It is a twelve month long campaign divided in three phases. The first phase would start at the same time as the production of the album and should be approximately eight months long depending on the progress of the production. During this time, we will be focusing on creating an online presence via social media websites, developing a personal relationship with fans, providing updates and weekly newsletters.

When the album has been completed, we will start the two month long second phase where we will be making the preparations for the release this will include creating the artwork, choosing a flagship single, creating a press kit, announcing a release date and creating a viral strategy using material that consumers could enjoy sharing. For our final phase, we will be promoting the album to different media and finally launch the album. We are going to start by looking at the research we have done in order to build our plan. Then we will explain the three phases in more detail.

Following that, we will talk about the financial aspect of the campaign. Finally, we will end with a S. W. O. T. analysis of the whole project. Research Our marketing strategy is based on promotional techniques used by different hip-hop artists. Social media websites are crucial in promoting nowadays. Almost all artists, from Eminem (http://www. eminem. com/) to Dizzee Rascal (http://www. dizzeerascal. co. uk/), keep their websites up to date with news and regularly upload videos to YouTube (http://www. youtube. com/artist/eminem) (http://www. youtube. com/user/DizzeeRascalVEVO) in order to have continuous interaction with the audience.

Fliptrix promotion plan will not be the exception; will be using Mobile Backstage which is a platform developed by Steam Republic that will connect Fliptrix’s fan communities allowing users to interact directly with him,exchange information, buy or stream music and find tickets to gigs (www. mobilebackstage. com). Other promotional techniques we are using are quite common but effective, such as creating flyers, merchandising or creating a press kit.

Regular tweets asking where or what we should ‘damage control’, will engage the existing community in a constant dialogue, we will also ask them to create their own meme about damage control and encourage followers to share their memes, pictures and thoughts. Once we have delivered the message, we will make all content available to the public this will create new self-generated conted from which we will measure the community’s involvement and interests.

We were inspired by Jay Z’s album ‘ Watch the Throne’ where he created an increasing interest and speculation into a new album without announcing a release date six month prior to its release which demonstrated that secrecy is an important factor when launching a new product. Kanye west collaborated in the promotion of the album by tweeting the name of the flagship single, which showed that partnerships allow a brand to maintain their position amongst customers.

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