List the main rules of indoor hockey. Explain what each of these rules mean. Teams: – Six players on court & up to six inter-changing substitutes. Substitutions can only be made when the ball has crossed the backline; when a goal has been scored; at half time; or to replace an injured player (with the umpire’s permission). Each team must nominate a goalkeeper. Note: Substitutions are not permitted during a penalty corner.

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Both the stick ;amp; the ball must be on the floor when the ball is played. The stick shall be placed on or near the ball ;amp; must be on the floor for the full duration of forward movement to the ball. The reverse stick push, flick ;amp; scoop strokes are permitted provided the stick is on the floor at the start its forward movement to the ball. Hitting the ball is not permitted.  Stick shall be on the floor ;amp; placed near the ball before pushing. Swinging at the ball (including the “slapshot”) is not permitted.

The ball may be played in any direction. Restarts game after ball has passed unintentionally over backline. May be taken from anywhere inside circle. No member of attacking team may remain inside the circle. There is no off-side in indoor hockey. However, no player may stand inside their opponent’s goal, or run behind the goals.  At a penalty, no player of offending team may remain within 3m of the ball. For a penalty awarded within 3m of circle, other than the player taking the penalty, no player from either side shall stand within 3m of the ball.

Only the goal keeper may take part in the game whilst lying on the floor. The goal-keeper is only allowed this privilege whilst inside his own circle. No other player is permitted to use a hand or a knee on the floor for support when tackling or playing the ball. The hand, when wrapped around the stick, is deemed to be part of the stick for the purposes of this rule. There is no “long” corner in indoor hockey. When the ball is played unintentionally, by a defender, over the defender’s own backline, play shall be restarted by the “pushout”.

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