The square base of the pyramid covers a 6 hectare area.  The points of the base are aligned almost exactly with the main points of a compass. The burial chamber is located in the centre of the pyramid. ? There are three known chambers within the pyramid. The Kings burial chamber, the Queens burial chamber. The other chamber was beneath the King and Queens chamber and was unfinished. ? The burial chamber can be reached by a series of passages including a 9 metre hire gallery. ? There are many passages that were made with traps to try to stop possible grave robbers. [pic] Part 2A Write a 300 word report on the role of the pharaoh in Ancient Egypt The Pharaoh in ancient Egypt was considered by the people to be the most powerful person in ancient Egypt.

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The pharaoh was the political and religious leader of the Egyptian people. They were seen as an embodiment of the spirit of Horus. They believed that the spirits of their god and all of his predecessors dwelled within him. The Pharaoh held the titles of the “Lord of the Two Lands” and “High Priest of Every Temple”, and also the “Lord of the Two Lands” the pharaoh is the ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt owning all the land, made laws and collected taxes and defended Egypt Against foreigners. As the “High Priest of Every Temple” the pharaoh represented the gods on Earth.

He preformed rituals and built temples to honour the gods. The essential role of the Pharaoh was to maintain Maat, or universal order or balance. It was believed by the ancient Egyptians that if the Pharaoh should fail, the world would fall as well. The Pharaoh role was to watch over the law courts and was chief of the temples. He is the army leader and controlled trade expeditions. As the leader of the army he would lead his people to protect their land against any enemies. A Pharaoh also supervised their water system and storage of grain.

A Pharaoh was transported from place to place on a chair carried by his servants. The Pharaoh had many items to symbolise his kingship, some examples are crowns which were headdresses with jewels, and this showed his “Supreme Rank”. They also wore fake beards to symbolise royal authority. He also had a sceptre which also meant royal authority and was carried by kings and queens. The Pharaohs had a daily schedule. Firstly, the pharaoh would go to the temple to pray to their god. Next he would hear his daily news from his advisor.

Then the pharaoh would check the architectures which were built by his servants. Finally if the Pharaoh had spare time he would be entertained by his servants, or spend time talking to his wife. Part 4B Locate a picture of the Temple of Luxor. Explain why it is designed the way it is. [pic] The Temple of Luxor also known as “Ipetresyt”(the southern harem) is located on the east bank of the Nile River in the town of Luxor, it was built over 3,400 years ago. King Amenhotep III built the beautiful temple in 1400BC and dedicated it to Amon-Re King of the Gods, his wife Mut and their son Khons.

The temple was complete by Tutankhamon and Horembeb and was added to by Rameses II. Rameses II also assisted in the planning of the layout of the temple in which he considered the nature of god. The main purpose of the Temple of Luxor was to provide a place to celebrate the annual festival of Opet. During this festival cult statues of Amun, Mut and Khonsu would travel from Karnak to Luxor. For this reason the temple was constructed to align to the temple complex at Karnak (not with the river as normal)

The temple of Luxor continues to be a place of worship for Christians and Muslims due to the Mosque that is placed inside the temple. This is the main feature of the temple and still exists today. Due to the layout and special dedications (eg the granite shrine at the rear dedicated to Alexander the Great) this temple successfully represents the fundamental ideas of the God and has always been a sacred site.

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