In order to adopt the new measures to preserve the internal safety of this company, I report you that from this date, the members of this Department will have to check that all the employees without exception carry his identification as they get in and out the building, as well as during his permanency inside the offices and other areas of work. Also it is an obligation of all the people who enter the building, to show the content of his handbags, portfolioes, suitcases, and in the glove compartments and interiors of their vehicles.

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Any irregularity that commits an outrage against the safety procedure, must be reported immediately to the Management of Protection and Security. Attentively Letter of transfer of powers: A letter of transfer of powers is written to authorize someone to act depending on the permissions granted in the same one. Some practical cases can be similar to the following ones: 1-To grant permissions to our attorneys to manage private documentation and / or bank accounts. 2-To give legal authority to a chief of works to accept materials, budgets and to give permissions of property

Since these there are many examples. But this letter also has his requirements: 1 – The person who transfers and the person to the one that is transferred the power must be identified. 2 – Explain the permissions clearly marking the limits and exceptions. 3 – Signatures of both parts. 4 – Validates date of the transfer of power. Example: I, Marina Garcia Munoz, 34-year-old, single, lawyer, ID: 98624916-T, residing in C/Conde de Aranda, 78 of Cordoba, in full use of my mental powers I accept:

That Ignacio Fernadez Soria, partner of the company of which I am a director, manages all the bank accounts, fiscal and legal documents of the above mentioned company during the period of 4 months because of my maternity. If my reincorporation to work was shorter to the term of four months, I would recover immediately all the power previously granted to Mr Fernandez Soria.

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