In groups of two (pairs), you are required to research the marketing environment of an Australian hotel or hospitality organisation with which you are familiar or have an interest in. This may be an organisation where you currently work. You are to assume the position of the organisation’s Marketing Manager who is responsible for preparing a report for the organisation’s management team in order to commence the annual business planning process. Overall this assignment represents 40% of your overall course assessment. 0% of the mark will be awarded for progress check assignment due in week 5 and 30% of the mark will be awarded for the written report assignment due in week 10. Course Workbook: The assignment builder activities in your tutorial workbook should assist you in considering key issues relating to this assignment. References: Use APA reference style (refer to the “Assessment” tab for a quick guide to APA reference style. Presentation: 12-point font Arial or Times New Roman. 1. 5 line spacing. Single sided printing. Please collate the pages together and staple in the top left hand corner.

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Do not submit the assignment in a plastic folder or binding.  In order to develop a comprehensive and high standard marketing strategy assignment you first need to complete extensive background research and analysis. This research and analysis is to ensure that as much relevant information about the current (and possibly past) operating environment is gathered and understood, so that appropriate marketing strategies are developed. Accordingly, for Part A of this assignment, you are required to conduct a comprehensive situation analysis of your selected organisation.

In conducting this analysis, you will need to consult with industry resources (e. g. , plans, reports, etc. ) as well as academic literature to identify trends and challenges in the current operating environment. You should use five key analysis tools as a framework for this analysis: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. SWOT analysis PEST analysis Competitor analysis (identifying and analysing three key competitors) Industry analysis (considering Porter’s Five Force of Competition) Customer analysis (considering your organisation’s current and potential customers).

In pairs, your task is to conduct research and analysis, using each of these tools, and then write a summary report that introduces your organisation and summarises their current situation. Maximum word length is 500 words (excluding tables, figures and references). No table of contents is required for Part A of the assignment. Page 2 Part A guidelines continued. Format each analysis tool so that it becomes an appendix item (which you will use in Part B of the assignment). Include a reference list at the end.

For example: ? ? Strategy 1 – prepared by John Smith. Student number – s333222. Strategy 2 – prepared by Mary McDonald. Student number – s888111. In presenting each strategy, you should: ? ? Introduce the strategy – overviewing the purpose and background for the strategy (drawing upon the situation analysis conducted in Part A). State the aim and target of the strategy. Examples: o o ? ? ? “This strategy aims to promote product x to target market x with the aim of increasing sales by x% over the next 12 months”. This strategy aims to re-brand organisation x over a next 12 months”. Identify the strategy’s target market and the positioning of the organisation and its products/services to appeal to the target market. Make recommendations on proposed marketing activities to achieve the aim. Indicate how the strategy will be evaluated. You should justify your recommendations using academic resources, applying the theories and concepts we have covered in the lectures, tutorials and reading material for this course.

Each marketing strategy must pursue an identified opportunity, minimise expose to a threat, leverage a strength in order to grow or transform a weakness into an opportunity for the organisation. This must be clearly stated in the strategy. Length: Maximum 3 pages per strategy (including figures and tables). References and table of contents should be included in the assignment, but are excluded from the word count. Page 3 Part B guidelines continued. Please submit your assignment in pairs and include the following components: ? ? ? ? ? Griffith University Assignment cover sheet Assignment cover page (including organisation name for strategy, student name and number associated with writing each strategy as per instructions on page 2) Table of Contents Two marketing strategies (2 strategies x 3 pages each maximum = 6 pages total maximum) Appendices (including analysis tools prepared in Part A of the assignment) Reference list Grading: Marketing Strategy – Part B will be individually marked, however consideration will be given to the synergy between the two strategies and how the strategies relate to the situation analysis.

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