With perseverance I was finally able to navigate through the database. I need much more experience with library searching in all aspects. I just need to be patient and spend more time in the library. Perhaps reading some of the FAQs will help as well. E-learning, distance learning, e-learning in Africa, e-learning in developing nations peer-reviewed, journals. This was my first time accessing the ProQuest database. I did encounter problems gathering the desired data. I spent a large amount of time struggling with this search routine. With continued perseverance I did acquire the skill necessary to retrieve the information I desired. I felt very good about the level of knowledge gained after having completed all of the database searches.

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I need more experience in all phases of the search process. Oguzar, Nkasiobi Silas, & Adebola, Helen E. (2011). Internet and e-learning technologies and the adult educator in Nigeria. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences 1. 162-166. Retrieved from http://search. proquest. com. proxy1. ncu. edu/ advanced? I was pleased to notice that my e-searching library skills were improving rather fast. I began to notice that the level of frustration I had up to this point was fading. At this point I am able to perform basic searches with a considerable amount of success.

This was the database I chose to use to search for a textbook because I was able to bypass some of the unnecessary details I would have encountered should I have used any other database. Being new to on-line database searching, the struggle was intense, but it all paid off in the end. ProQuest was a lifesaver because it has many options for searching its database, even though I was not aware of how to put them into effect. Yet, I stayed in the battle and I eventually won. I now realize that being successful navigating through the online library calls for practice and patience.

The library sparked new ideas when I was searching for the first peer-reviewed journal. The topic I originally had in mind was “E-learning and student fraud”. Because I was not able to find much material in this subject area I decided to change my topic. Without hesitation I looked at other article titles that populated my search screen, and I immediately realized there was not enough information on my original topic. I did realize that this could have been because of my limited experience navigating through online database libraries. So my first step was to view other databases.

I was still unable to gather any significant amount of data. Because I had served as a Business teacher (foreign missionary) to South Africa some years ago, I developed an interest in the educational system in that continent, especially since a new government has taken over since I was there. I began to browse through the various databases on the topic of “e-learning in developing countries” and “e-learning in Africa” and I was able to gather quite a few articles. My search certainly did take on a new direction, and although I was surprised at the outcome, it was a very pleasant surprise.

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