In some Western countries, there is no such thing as school uniform. Students just wear whatever they like as long as appropriate to the norm to their school. But, this kind of things does not happen in our country. Why? Questions like “Should school require students to wear a school uniform? ” have been put forward again and again. Based on what we can observe now, there are so many reasons to wear school uniforms. First of all, school uniforms can prompt young students to concentrate on the purpose of school: academic. When the world is on its way to develop, students tend to care more about their appearances.

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This leads to many problems. We can see clearly that students nowadays spend their times deciding on what they should wear today, which shirt is fashionable, which dress is trendy. They suffer the Internet all day to check out what everyone is wearing, how to look better than classmates and discuss question when they should be studying. If schools require students to wear uniforms, students will focus more on their studying because they don’t need to think what to wear in a next day of school. They all wear same thing with little variation so there won’t be any trend competitions in class as well as in school.

Students won’t wear inappropriate clothes to school. They won’t have chances to dress on their bodies some weird creepy hippie style, sexy clothes or something that will make schools become a catwalk where students are models and teachers are judges. Moreover, when all the students wear uniform, the school will seemed to be more orderly and neat. Besides that, we should retain school uniform because it can train our students to be more disciplined. In Some Asian countries, students have to wear uniform to school. If someone fails to do so or purposely against it, punishment will always be ready for him.

Therefore, by hook or by crook, students have to stick to this rule. Obviously, this makes the students be more obedient and disciplined. Some people say that wearing school uniforms will violate a student’s right to freedom of expression because students often express their feelings through the clothing that they wear. By requiring students to wear school uniforms, it will inhibits student individuality and limit students’ creative thinking.

Actually, there are so many ways to express us besides our appearance. Because we always think that our appearances are the only thing to express ourselves then we make our appearances become first riority to express ourselves but we are so wrong. Clothes don’t prove who we are, how our personalities are. Expressing us means how you behave with everyone around you, how you communicate with people, what have you done for our society, that’s what we call real expression. Let’s remember, our appearances can’t last forever but knowledge. You may be a popular student because of your fashionable clothes you wear on. When you’re around sixty-five years old, will you be sure that you’re still popular. Will you be sure that clothes will make you unique?

So instead of focusing on our appearances, we should invest in our knowledge to make our society better. As one of the famous police chief in Long Beach has said ‘Schools have fewer reasons to call the police. There’s less conflict among students. Students concentrate more on education, not on who’s wearing $100 shoes or gang attire. ” That’s how important school uniforms are. School uniforms also help school to decrease bullying in the school. There are so many school violent cases happening recent years. It’s so surprised that the main reason is because of clothes students are wearing on.

Discrimination also happens a lot of times these days. Students who wear not expensive clothes, who wear unfashionable clothes will be insolated from students who wear luxury and fashionable clothes. Insolated students will feel complex. Day by day, when their inferiority complex grows up in their mind, it will lead to commit suicide. This explains why America has a high rate of committing suicide in young people but wearing school uniforms, people can’t tell which student come from rich family and which student come from poor family. School uniforms will help raise equality between students.

Uniforms can put students on a more equal standing in the academic atmosphere. It makes students equal in terms of economic levels. That eliminates jealously over stylish clothes, reducing the unequal treatment based on fashion assumptions by teachers. Research shows that teachers often attach higher expectations to students who are better dressed. This unwanted special attention could include the teachers providing more challenges and opportunities for these students. With uniforms, the teachers are better able to make judgments based on ability and performance, not on appearance.

It would reduce the cost of buying expensive casual clothes. Teenagers spend a thousand of money to buy trendy clothes. They always want new things in a next day of school, they want to get all the top brands that would cost a fortune for the parents. Unfortunately, Teenagers quickly change their mind, they soon get bored of their clothes and want new ones, or the brand isn’t cool anymore. We can see it nowadays in a lot of schools, students try to dress nicely, they try to catch attentions of classmates but how can they dress nicely?

They have to have nice clothes. How to have nice clothes? They have to have a lot of money. How can they have a lot of money? Well, It might come from their parents who work as hard as they can to afford school’s intuition for their children, they also have to work to afford unnecessary things. Yes! What we are mentioning is expensive clothes, but actually, their child doesn’t care about their efforts. Buying clothes as much as they can is their happiness or we can consider to students who pay school’s intuition on their own.

So how do these students get money to buy clothes? The answer is so simple: Part time job. Thing here is they have to work twice as much as students who study in schools that requires uniforms. Because they have to work for the intuition, they also work for their clothes. Wearing uniforms is greatly cheap, you just only need a few shirts and pants for the whole year. There are some people say that uniforms will cost more money. This is an ironical view, uniforms are made for students from many classes so obviously, and it should be cheap.

There is also one of the most benefits that school uniforms bring for students is increasing a sense belonging and school pride. Once you study in a school that has uniform, you will feel that you belong to this school where you try hard to study here, where you can proud to say with your friends this is the uniform of school you’re studying. Uniforms will help increase solidarity between students in a school. As Bill Clinton has said: “And if it means that teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniforms. “

According to the principal, Ramon Leyba, “The main result is an overall improvement in the school climate and a greater focus on positive behavior. A big portion of that is from uniforms”. Having a uniform requirement in schools eliminates several problems. By wearing uniforms, students will focus their attention on their studies instead of fashion. Besides, school uniforms supply an equal footing for students in that they eliminate judgments and envy based on money, and teachers will mete out equal treatment to students. There is plenty of time after school and on the weekends for students to think about fashion.

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