I chose name as a one of my potential interviewees because I’ve talked with her a little bit before, her views and opinions are very interesting. I also think that interviewing her will help me get a better understanding of the Paralegal Career. Who: name: Juvenile Probation Officer Why: I choose name as my next interviewee because this is another field that I’m interested in and would like to know more about.

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I know that name has been a Juvenile Probation Officer since I was a kid and feel that she would be the best person to speak for information on this career. List of Potential Interview Questions Why did you choose this profession? What do you like most about this career? What do you dislike about this career? When hiring for this type of position what is looked for? What skills do you feel are necessary required to become successful in this career? What are the duties and expectations of someone in this field?

What type of education and training did you receive? What type of education and training is required for this career? What type of environment does someone in this field work in? Do you think there is a need for people in this field? Why? Or Why not? Do you feel this type of career has a good job outlook? Do you know of anyone else I could speak with in reference to my research on this career? Are there any suggestions or advice you would give me or anyone else just starting out?

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