Manual labor is now becoming extinct. Depending on the type of technology implemented, it can be negatively affecting our way of living. Not at all was technology meant to have a detrimental affect on society. It’s soul purpose was to make life easier. There are simple ways to discipline ourselves that allows, which allows us to manage technology. We need to understand the use of technology before making it apart of our lives. Life before technology was much simpler. Family and friendship values were much stronger and much closer then they are now.

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Previously, Before when there were no television or and video games, children would play outside, get exercise, breath fresh air and had fun. They rode their bikes, played ball, and other games that kept them occupied, healthy and fit. Moreover, we read books, which stimulated our thought processes and increased our level of education. Additionally, daily events such as suppertime were important because it gave us the feeling of being loved and involved. By sitting down as a family and interacting, we were encouraged to open-up and talk about our day. Life with technology has made life a lot simpler.

We use cellphones rather than jumping on a bike or walking by foot to communicate with others. Instead of going to our local library, a majority of us use electronic gadgets (IPAD, IPOD, Kindle, Nook) to download books or search the internet to do their research. WIFI connections are everywhere. You are able to connect to one of these devices at any store, mall, restaurant, home, gas station, library, etc. Twitter, Google, Facebook, blogs, email and texting is affecting our Life. another type of tools software that keeps the world connected. Online college; how would have thought that this would ever exist?

There is no doubt in our minds that technology is here to stay and has simplified our lives. However, have we had enough. The effects of technology on our life. There has been a significant drop in family communication because of the excessive of use of television and playing video games. In an article written by Kate Zernike, she discusses how society uses the cell phone as a crutch because everyone is expected to be constantly ‘reachable. ‘ She also discusses that the excessive use of cellphones has changed the meaning of being on time and/also relationships. Technology has taken over our lives.

Considering the writer research the following was determined.. “James E. Katz, a professor of communication at RutgersRutger’s University, hasNew Jersey. He studied the behavior of thousands of cell phone users . After analysis  in surveys, in focus groups and in observational research, and he argues in two recent books, “Perpetual Contact” and “Machines That Become Us,””; that the cell phone has changed the nature of time and relationships.

“It has erased the meaning of late,” he said. “Just by calling and changing the plan, you’re able to change being late to being on time. ” So it’s factual that, not only is technology ruiningchanging family communication, making us lazy and uncommitted, but it’s also causing us to destroy ourthe integrity between family, friends and work. Additionally, technology effects our physical status. Increasingly children are suffering from obesity at an early ageearlier ages because of the lack exercise. They prefer to eat thenand sit down to play online video games thenthan to go outside and play ball. They are lured into involvement in an ‘fantasy’ world at the cost of  being successful in the ‘real’ world.

It’s impossible to deny that we all live, breathe and have to experience the forefront ofour interaction with technology in our every day lives. However, it canwe should be appreciated if we knew how to not letaware of all the impacts it controlhas in our liveseveryday life, good and bad. Just take a moment to ask yourself, do I really need to carry that cell phone with me? Can that TV be turned off at certain times of they day, so that you can have more family sit downs to improve communication? If you have a kidchild that just can’t get away from those video games, buytry buying a game that can be played as a family.

Additionally, to improve your health, buy exercise games that can be used to help burn calories. Certainly, there are many ways to use technology without it taking over to improve the quality of our lives. We just need to take the time think of ways to understand how it can be managedto select the correct tool. Maybe we’ll find that the best solution to a challenge is not with an ‘APP’ but rather with our own physical ability.

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