Strategies are used by organizations to determine how rewards should be given out to employees. Since compensation is a good way to motivate employees to that are not performing well to do better and the ones that are working hard to work even harder, having a good strategy in place will help an employer to decide what is a fair reward to give to each employer. A compensation strategy must have a link between three things in order to be effective.

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The three things that a compensation strategy must have is detailed work that the employee is expected to perform, a detailed performance evaluation and pay that is provided to each employee. The position that was selected for this paper is the position of a Child Care Worker. A Child Care Worker’s job description can vary depending on the field of work because of the different types of places that Child Care Workers perform.

The main job description for a Child Care Worker working in an afterschool setting is to perform a variety of tasks such as helping students with schoolwork in general education and religion, implementing and coordinating daily activities for different age groups. Child Care Workers in the Afterschool setting must also be able to settle any disputes that may arise between the students and be able to hand down fair and just punishments if needed. Since the afterschool center is ran by a school and is only needed when school is in session, employment if from September until June.

June of every year is when evaluations are given and the employees will receive their bonuses, a raise or find out if they are being let go due to performance. In order to determine which employee is entitled to what and how much, the supervisor would look at how well an employee helped the children with their school work, how well they interacted with the children, parents and other workers, how dependable the employee is, and their overall performance on doing the job well. Employees that did do well during the year can expect a 50 cent to a dollar raise depending on how well they did during the evaluation.

The external analysis for a Child Care Worker salary ranges from $15,900 to $29,280 annually. This is an hourly wage of $7. 65 to $14. 08 (BLS, 2010). This particular afterschool center already pays most of their employees about $13. 00 per hour for their services. The relationship of a Child Care Worker in an afterschool center is similar to that of an employee doing Child Day Care Services. An employee working for Child Day Care Services are paid $9. 30 per hour and their annual wage is $19,330 (BLS, 2010).

Workers at these facilities work longer hours and they most likely work harder than those doing Child Care at an afterschool center because they work with smaller children and their job duties would also include feeding, changing diapers, etc. If these things are factored in then the employees at the afterschool center are being paid more than they should be. When it comes to compensation strategy, what is expected of an employee, the work that the employee has actually done and how much that employee is being paid for that work is important.

When an employee does the work that they are supposed to do and they go out of their way to do more than what is expected of them, then they should be rewarded for it. If an employee does only what they are expected to and do not add extra effort, then they should only received base pay. This will show the employees that the harder that they work, the better they will be rewarded.

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