The health is the most important thing in our life! All our abilities to do anything, earning money, mental, physical abilities all these reflect to our health. Nowadays, the population of Earth is increasing and in big overcrowded cities new types of health diseases have been appeared. And treatment of patients, maintenance of equipment and inventorying new medicines costs a lot of money, that is why medical treatment should be paid.

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Only with paid medical treatment we can provide to doctors high salaries, high salary leads to encouraging the clinicians. According to R. Todd Jewell research about “The Effect of Salary Distribution on Production” it has been stated that there is a positive impact on productivity of the workers, when they are paid well. The medical profession one of the hardest professions in the world, it requires big responsibility, accuracy, much time for acquiring knowledge, moreover we trust them our lives, and for these reasons they deserve to be paid well.

Another reason is that in our modern, overcrowded world more and more new types of health diseases are arised. In order to save millions of innocent lives scientists invent and develop new types of medicine and equipment, but it costs billions of dollars. And again only with paid treatment the government can afford do such kind of exploration. Here are some examples of new inventories which were done in 2011: Molecular imaging biomarker for early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease, Targeted T-cell antibody for metastatic melanoma, First cancer vaccine approved by the FDA, Endoscopic weight-loss procedure, etc.

Some people argue that disabled, veterans and people under the line of poverty are not able to pay for medical expenses. Though, for such kind of occasions there are non-profit and government organizations which have special programs in providing free medications and analyzing. In conclusion, developing, inventorying new preparations and medications all these done in order to save our lives and make them better and if we want it to be like this, we must pay for it.

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