There are incredible health benefits of blood donation . You don’t need a special reason to donate blood , you just need your own reason. Blood donation leads to the development of altruistic personality in the blood donor . Altruism means unselfish regard and devotion to others. Following are some of the health benefits of blood donation; 1. A Whole blood donor can donate as frequently as 90 days. A benefits from this often is that you receive a miniphysical examination . 2. Statistics show that 25% or more of us will require blood at least once in our life time.

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Men who participate in blood donation experience a 30% lower incident of heart disease and stroke. 4. Blood donation can reduce the overall iron levels which may protect from heart disease. 5. Blood donation force your body to replace the lost blood with fresh new cells. 6. Men don’t have menstrual periods, so they store more iron in their body which is harmful by creating free radical injury. 7. Voluntary blood donation is not only a confidential and free mean,

When you donate one unit of blood , our body burns 650 calories. So it keeps you fit and prevent obesity and complications. 9. There is lower incidence of coronary heart disease and obesity in blood donors,as it lowers the cholesterol and other lipids. 10. It has been found that elderly people in good health have reported feeling invigorated and reenegised by giving blood on regular basis. 11. As an individual donates more frequently, anxiety decreases and positive feeling increases and self commitment develops, so it adds to one’s self esteem and general well being.

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